OneFS Tip - Reboot before upgrading

NOTE: This topic is part of the Uptime Information Hub.


NOTE: This tip was originally published in the Isilon Uptime Bulletin on EMC Online Support on September 30, 2013. If you have questions about rebooting your cluster prior to upgrading, please contact EMC Isilon Technical Support for assistance.



Before upgrading to the latest version of OneFS, it helps to be prepared. Assessing compatibility, gathering cluster information, and following best practices during the pre-upgrade window will ensure that the upgrade process goes smoothly. One of the pre-upgrade steps that EMC Isilon recommends is to reboot your clusters. A reboot ensures a clean state for the upgrade process, and it usually takes fewer than fifteen minutes for simultaneous reboots (where all the nodes in a cluster are restarted at the same time). This recommendation is particularly applicable to clusters that have run a long time without a cluster-wide reboot event. A cluster reboot can help you to:

  • Identify failing hardware
  • Ensure that cluster configurations, such as share and export configurations, are saved and persist through a reboot
  • Distinguish between problems that might occur either during the reboot process or during the upgrade process

Overall, a pre-upgrade reboot can make it easier for EMC Customer Services to diagnose and resolve any upgrade-related issues quickly. In an ideal upgrade window, you should also test client services after a reboot and before the upgrade. This gives you the opportunity to validate the upgrade verification tests.


To learn about additional steps you can take to prepare for an upgrade, see the OneFS Upgrade Guide.