VSPEX for Virtualized SAP Business Suite

Never before has access to mission-critical data been more important to businesses competing in a rapidly changing global economy. Today, IT departments are challenged with an explosion of corporate data along with stagnant or shrinking budgets.

As the foundation of the cloud-ready information platform, SAP applications provide great availability, breakthrough insight, credible and consistent data, and a productive development experience to customers. It can also quickly build solutions and extend data across on-premises and public clouds backed by mission-critical confidence.

However, a legacy physical approach to IT leads to excessive hardware costs and inconsistent levels of performance and user satisfaction. This forces IT to play catch-up instead of being a proactive, value-added part of the organization.

The EMC VSPEX for virtualized SAP Business Suite applications architecture provides a validated system, capable of hosting virtualized SAP Business Suite at a consistent performance level. This solution is designed to be layered on a VSPEX Private Cloud solution using a VMware vSphere virtualization layer, and the highly available EMC VNX family for the storage, in addition to the full-stack flexibility of VSPEX.

An EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure for SAP, built on EMC VNX, delivers a simple, efficient, and flexible platform to leverage the benefits of a virtualized environment. VSPEX enables customers to accelerate their IT transformation with faster deployments, simplified management, and storage provisioning. Customers can realize greater efficiency with higher application availability, and increased storage utilization. In addition, VSPEX provides customers with flexibility of choices when selecting a hypervisor, server, and network to address the requirements of their SAP environments.

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