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Target Code


EMC Isilon recommends the following versions of OneFS as Target Code. A OneFS release is designated as Target Code after it  satisfies specific criteria, which includes production time in the field, deployments across all support node platforms, and other  quality metrics. To ensure that your clusters are running the most stable and reliable version of OneFS, upgrade to the latest  Target Code available for the OneFS family that meets your business needs.





Target Code Version

Release Date

of Target Code***


# of Customers
  on Target Code

# of Clusters
  on Target Code
% of Clusters
  on Target Code**
% of Clusters
  by OneFS Family
Release Notes
OneFS> 1,000> 1,00019.68%45.82%Release Notes
OneFS 7.2.1 NEW!

8/31/2018TBA> 100> 10012.03%17.03%Release Notes
OneFS 7.2.0

12/21/2015TBA> 100> 10021.01%6.65%

Release Notes

(unified format includes MR Release Notes)

OneFS 7.1.1

12/16/2015TBA> 100> 10015.50%7.18%

Release Notes (unified format includes MR Release Notes)

OneFS< 100< 10025.93%2.31%

Release Notes

MR Release Notes
OneFS 7.0.2*< 100< 1004.55%2.03%

Release Notes

MR Release Notes


* End of Service Life (EOSL) dates have been announced for OneFS 6.5 and OneFS 7.0.2. For more information about these dates, see the Isilon Product Availability Guide.

** This represents the % cluster adoption by target code branch versus the next column, which is the % cluster adoption by OneFS family.

*** This is the date when this maintenance release (MR) became generally available (GA).


!Percent Cluster TARGET Code Adoption by OneFS Family.jpg

!Percent Clusters by BRANCH on each OneFS Family.jpg
This chart represents the percentage of clusters in a OneFS family. "Other" represents clusters on OneFS versions prior to 6.5.5.x.


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Latest Firmware Releases


See the Current Isilon Software Releases document for more details on the following firmware releases:


Firmware Package TypeVersionRelease DateRelease Notes
Drive Firmware Package 1.184/13/2017Release Notes
Drive Support Package NEW!1.291/22/2019Release Notes
Node Firmware Package10.2.110/04/2018Release Notes


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Supportability and Compatibility Content



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