Community Expert Introduction and Overview

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What is Community Expert?

Community Expert is a new series of gamified, self-guided professional development activities. The program seeks to recognize subject matter experts, showcase knowledge and expertise, and eventually have an external professional value. Advancement along the Community Expert path takes place through interaction, knowledge transfer, content creation, and peer review/validation.


This is a living document. New tracks will be added as they are deployed.


Two Advancement Paths

Not everyone starts out as a subject matter expert (SME) and the program takes this into account by offering advancement paths for the novice and SME. The novice is encouraged to participate in the program's early learning activities, while the SME can jump straight into sharing their knowledge with the community.


Share your Knowledge, Give and Receive Feedback from your Peers

Early Community Expert levels require community members to Mark answers or Like content provided by others. Rating content is also necessary early on. Higher levels require content contributions, answers provided marked correct by other users, and peer review/validation as part of the advancement process.


Participate in RAMP, Earn Status and Rewards through Community Expert

The following is a list of the active Community Expert track activities available to the ECN community. Rewards, such as badges or points, are awarded for participating in the Community Expert program. The more active you are, the more you increase your knowledge, further your advancement and attain more recognition in the community.


Actions and Rewards

Please note: the program is undergoing development; the advancement conditions and criteria may change as it matures.


The following table shows the cumulative number of actions required to complete a level, not net new actions at each level. Thus posting five new discussions or questions will partially meet Level 3's advancement requirement, not nine total posts (1+3+5 for Levels 1-3).


Badges are awarded at each threshold and completed level to assist with progress tracking and overall status. Recognition will also be provided for community members that complete Level 8, and thus the entire track.

ActionLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8
Follow Community1
Post New Discussion or Question1351020355065
Post New Reply or Answer151020406080
Like Content or Mark Answer13510
Answers Marked Helpful or Correct361015
Create Content12345
Rate Content1248
Content Rated (4 or 5 Stars)1234


Available Community Expert Tracks

The following is a list of active Community Expert tracks. Not all tracks will be available to all members of the ECN and some, such as the Employee track, may have specific requirements for participation. Each activity names below link to the respective brief (if applicable).


Special Recognition

Employee Identification

Employee Strip.png

EMC, RSA, VCE, and VMware employees registering an ECN account will be awarded an Employee badge for their respective company.


Tracks to identify members of the Proven Professional, EMC Elect, and other expertise and advocacy programs are in development.


Subject Matter Expertise

Subject Matter Expertise tracks are in development and will be added to this list as they are released to the community.


General Engagement

General engagement tracks are in development and will be added to this list as they are deployed.