SecureW2 JoinNow Connector

The JoinNow Connector provides JoinNow MultiOS Clients the ability to sign and revoke certificates from the RSA Certificate Authority. The issued certificate can then be used as a credential for TLS b




SecureW2 JoinNow Connector

RSA Digital Certificate Management




The JoinNow Connector provides an interface for JoinNow MultiOS Clients to submit user based certificate requests to the RSA CA Certificate Manager. The JoinNow Connector will authenticate the requests (username-password) against the configured user database (i.e. Active Directory) and optionally perform additional authorization checks. It will then forward this certificate request to the RSA Certificate Manager using the Xuda API. The returned signed certificate is then passed on to the JoinNow MultiOS Client.

The JoinNow MultiOS Client will then install and configure the issued certificate for the required use on the device, for example for 802.1X/EAP-TLS enabled Wi-Fi networks. The JoinNow Connector functions as a Microsoft IIS ISAPI filter and requires to be installed on a Windows Server 2008 (/R2) machine. It optionally uses system services to offer additional functionality. The JoinNow Connector can be installed on the same machine as the RSA Certificate Manager, but is recommended to allocate one or more dedicated servers.

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