Mission Briefing: Connectrix Experience Optimizer

RAMP Activity for EMC Connectrix Users


Begin your Journey

Partnering with EMC, the Brocade team has woven new capabilities into the Connectrix B-series storage network solution. Beginning on December 8th, ECN members will be offered an opportunity to learn more about the new Fabric Vision features, take a peek behind the development process and increase their knowledge through a series of videos, blogs and an Ask the Expert discussion. Participating in the mission will increase your knowledge of the new capabilities, as well as enhance your reputation and status along the way. Time is limited as the mission ends on January 26th.


The Prerequisites

The Connectrix Experience Optimizer mission is open to members of the ECN. New members will receive a one-time 100 point bonus, and the first Frequent Visitor badge upon registration.


The Activities

After logging in, complete the following three tasks to earn the Connectrix Experience Optimizer mission badge. Your progress can be followed by viewing your Showcase on the RAMP Home page.


Video Visionary – Connectrix B-series’ new capabilities, which can save you time and prevent issues, are showcased in the new 3-minute  Fabric Vision video. Watch and rate the video to be rewarded with the Video Visionary achievement.



Empowered Expert –  Brocade and EMC experts will answer questions and share their knowledge on Fabric Vision in a special online Ask the Experts: B-series discussion. Post a comment, question or video about issue prevention, performance improvement or increasing your SAN’s capabilities to be rewarded with the Empowered Expert achievement.


Technical Tourist – Are you interested in a unique adventure?  The Tour de Service #5: Connectrix Backstage Pass blog provides a behind the scenes look at how new Connectrix proactive capabilities are developed. Comment on or share the blog to earn the Technical Tourist achievement.


Mission Completion: Connectrix Experience Optimizer

Complete all three activities, and you will receive the Connectrix Experience Optimizer mission badge plus an additional 200 bonus points!




The Connectrix Experience Optimizer mission commences at 9 AM EST on December 8th, 2014 and will continue until 5 PM EST on January 26th, 2015. During that time, you will be able to earn the offered rewards.


The Rewards

Completing the Connectrix Experience Optimizer mission increases your status in the community and 200 bonus points will be added to your overall total. You can review progress and earned rewards on the RAMP Leaderboard, or your personal ECN profile.