HC_DM_18800115743 - DNS warning in NAS_CHECKUP

HC_DM_18800115743 - DNS warning in NAS_CHECKUP


NAS Code 6.0



server_checkup reports this warning

nas_checkup schedule reports this warning

Blades : Check DNS connectivity and configuration

Warning HC_DM_18800115743:
* server_2: The DNS server '' of the domain 'testDNSdomain'has failed to respond to the DNS check query. The CIFS clients may not be able to access the Data Mover. The list of domain controllers Celerra can access could also not be completed. This could compromise the authentication process in Celerra.



Action : Check if this machine is a DNS server, and the DNS service is running and correctly configured on the remote server.





The Data Mover (DM) is trying to query DNS with incomplete domain name. In this case the actual domain name is testDNSdomain.com whereas on the Data Mover it was configured as "testDNSdomain" only.  DNS understands its full domain only, not NETBIOS names.






Configure DNS with its fully qualified domain name in Celerra Manager (or CLI). for example, testDNSdomain.com




EMC Support Solution Number: 73882