2015 Innovation Conference/Ignition Sequence

     December 17, 2015



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The Innovation Conference is EMC's annual celebration of Innovation; a single day when thousands of EMC employees gather simultaneously at over a dozen locations across the globe.


This year, the 9th annual Innovation Conference will once again give you the opportunity to watch how EMC employees’ amazing ideas become a reality through the Innovation Roadmap, EMC’s global idea contest and incubation pipeline.


The Innovation Roadmap has evolved from 400 ideas submitted back in 2007, to over 3,000 ideas submitted this year from EMC employees in 29 countries. To date, winning ideas from the Innovation Roadmap have resulted in enormous revenue and cost savings for our company, as well as new, cutting-edge products, services, and solutions for our customers and partners across the globe.


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The goal of the Innovation Conference is to give the world a look at how EMC innovates, and how EMC is not only a leader in various products and solutions, but also innovation.


The Innovation Conference will begin at 11AM ET on Thursday December 17th, and will run on a 24-hour loop for On-Demand viewing (external) and multi-cast (internal).  We invite you to join us on December 17th to see firsthand how we at EMC redefine innovation and get social by using #EMCInnovates throughout the day!


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2015 Innovation Conference Locations


For more background about the Innovation Conference and Innovation Roadmap, CLICK HERE


Want to learn more? Watch last year's Conference HERE, and check out video from the 2013 Innovation Conference, HERE.

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