First Steps to Organize an Ask the Expert Event on DECN (Guidelines)

In order to organize an Ask the Expert (ATE) event you need to submit your request to Yutaro Uehara ( and provide following items:


  1. Event Date and Duration
  2. Event Title/Topic
  3. Event Preamble
  4. All SME (Subject Matter Expert)'s name, bio, and photo
  5. Desired DECN community where the event will be hosted
  6. [Optional] Links to SME’s social sites
  7. Tags related to the event

NOTE: Be sure to let us know if there is an embargo on any of the information you'll be providing.

See more details about these requirements below:

Event Date and Duration – Let us know your desired date and duration for your event. ATE events usually range from 1 – 3 weeks depending on the topic, though we generally recommend hosting it for at least two weeks and a maximum of 3. We find that it’s usually best to start them on Mondays and end them on Fridays. This assures that there will always be someone monitoring its activity during working hours. We will evaluate and provide advice depending on the proposed date and duration you provide us.

Event Title/Topic - The topic or title of your event will be the main attention grabber so coming up with a good one would have a direct relation on the number of users attending your event. Take your time to come up with the best possible title.

While working on this, keep in mind that this title will possibly be shared on social sites, in most cases it will be shared on Twitter. Coming up with a captivating title that would grab attention, while being short enough to fit in 140 characters or less would be ideal. In addition, take in consideration that our titles start with “Ask the Expert:” which already takes 15 characters. Here is an example of a well written title:

“Ask the Expert: OneFS Upgrade, Pre-Upgrade Assessment, Firmware and Patches”

Event Preamble - We will need you to put together a brief introduction of the event topic for users who are interested in attending. Here you will provide information on what type of questions your experts will be answering, provide any type of material (white papers, links, videos, etc.) you’d want to share, or reasons to why it is important for users participate on your event. There is no rule on how long this should be, we just ask you to keep in mind short attention spans and a need for users to know additional context to why your event was launched. Below is an example of a preamble of a past ATE event:


“Welcome to the Dell EMC Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. On this occasion we will be covering the Dell EMC Cluster Enabler multi-site clustering with Windows Server Failover Cluster. Among the many areas we'll be discussing, our experts will answer your questions in regards to best practices, supported configurations and issues with multi-site clusters, as well as any further Windows Server Failover Cluster with Dell EMC storage.”

All SME (Subject Matter Expert)'s name, bio, and photo – From our experience, this is one of the most important parts. We use these information for event introduction. Forum users are interested not only in event topics but also in experts! If we can prepare a good topic and bios, it is not too much to say that "we have succeeded running an attractive event." We suggest the bio contains: occupation, biography, expertise and company. The profile photo should be a professional, preferably above the shoulder on a flat colored wall background headshot (i.e. classic org. chart picture).

Alternatively, SME can prepare a perfect DECN profile page. Here is an example of an DECN profile page that contains all the needed areas:

Desired DECN community where the event will be hosted – Most events can be held within the Ask the Expert space on DECN, though in many cases you may want a different DECN space to host it. In either case we ask you to let us know where you want your event to be hosted and we’ll make sure it will be there on the day it starts.


[Optional] Links to SME’s social sites – Of the many benefits each SME receives from hosting an ATE event “exposure” is at its most, so in order to maximize its potentials we ask you to consult with your SMEs if they’d be willing to share a link to their social media pages. In most cases SMEs share a link to their Twitter account, though if he/she’s interested in growing his professional network we ask them to share a link to their LinkedIn profile page.  

Tags Related to the event - I'm sure that one of the goals to set up this event is to make them searchable and easy to be found within DECN or even Google. For this reason it is important to tag each of the events correctly. Usually I do my best to do so by looking at the content you share, but if you want to make sure your event is tagged accurately it is up to you to provide me what tags you want included.


Much of the required information displayed above is suggested and could be negotiated or modified depending on the situation. If by any reason you’re unable to come up with some of these requirements please state your situation on your initial email or by setting up a call with either of us.


Updated: January 2015