VSPEX for EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud sets a new standard for simplicity, choice and agility in hybrid cloud deployments.


EMC believes the future of IT will be a world of hybrid clouds powered by software-defined data centers. Within large enterprises, most workloads continue to reside in private clouds, where organizations have greater control over operating costs, security, and compliance. At the same time, more new applications are taking advantage of the speed and flexibility of public clouds. Managing IT resources seamlessly between both private and public clouds has become one of the biggest IT challenges of our time and now, EMC has the answer.


Our fully engineered Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution dramatically accelerates and simplifies implementation of hybrid clouds in as little as 28 days. EHC allows for customer choice in the technology on which a hybrid cloud is built, as well as a choice of public clouds where these workloads can reside. In addition, the new EHC solution also delivers support for traditional and next-gen applications, financial transparency so IT can prove its value to its business, and a seamless management experience, all wrapped in a blanket of trust.

Link to Solution Guide

EMC Hybrid Cloud 2.5 with VMware: Integration with EMC VSPEX Private Cloud - VMware vSphere 5.5 for up to 1000 Virtual Machines: http://www.emc.com/collateral/technical-documentation/h13355-hybrid-cloud-vspex-sg.pdf



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