NMM: 'nsrsqlsv' syntax for an SQL Server Cluster Instance


Microsoft Windows 2008 or above

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or above

NetWorker Server and Client 8.0 or above

NMM 3.0 or above


How to backup a Virtual SQL Server using NMSQL or NMM SQL VDI command line syntax or 'nsrsqlsv'?


Command line syntax fails for  'nsrsqlsv'  when performing manual backup of a Clustered virtual SQL Server instance.

Usage: nsrsqlsv [<options>] {path}

options: [-CGjqRTvkuHXZ] [-s server] [-N name] [-b pool] [-g group]

         [-S count] [-l level] [-m masquerade] [-U user [-P passwd]]

         [[-A virtual-server] | [-c client]] [-a device interface=data domain] [-f aes] [-w browse] [-y retention]

         [[-A virtual-server] | [-c client]] [-a De-duplication backup=yes] [-a De-duplication node=<Avamar Node Name>] [-a De-duplication client name=<client>] [-f aes] [-w browse] [-y retention]

         [[-A virtual-server] | [-c client]] [-z FEDERATED_SLAVE=true]

path:    d-path | i-path

d-path:  MSSQL: | [MSSQL:]s-path [[MSSQL:]s-path [...]]

i-path:  MSSQL$inst-name: | MSSQL$inst-name:s-path [...]

s-path:  database | database. | database.filegroup |

         database.filegroup. | database.filegroup.file


To use 'nsrsqlsv' in a Clustered SQL Server instance requires specific parameters. The two most important ones are:

  • -A virtualservername
  • Save Set name cannot incldue the Instance name


Wrong Save Set               MSSQL$instancename:databasename

Correct Save Set              MSSQL:databasename



Cluster setups for the SQL VDI backups using Networker Module for Microsoft (NMM) or older NetWorker Module for SQL Server (NMSQL) requires the save set name:


MSSQL:  * without * the named instance name. 


Unlike Stand-alone SQL Server Named instances which require the instance name in Save set like this:




Virtual SQL Server name           = er-sqlvir

SQL Server instance name        = sqlvir

Physical cluster node name       = er-sqldb1



nsrsqlsv -b Default -v -s er-bup -A er-sqlvir  -c  er-sqldb1.dbs.adroot.local  MSSQL:msdb



nsrsqlsv -b Default -v -s er-bup -A er-sqlvir  -c  er-sqldb1.dbs.adroot.local  MSSQL$SQLVIR:msdb  

Reason  #  Has Named instance in Save Set

nsrsqlsv -b Default -v -s er-bup -A er-sqldb1  -c  er-sqldb1.dbs.adroot.local  MSSQL:msdb  

Reason   #   has physical host in –A


nsrsqlsv -b Default -v -s er-bup   -c  er-sqlvirdb1    MSSQL:msdb

Reason    #   has virtual host in –c



EMC Support Solution Number: 184054