PixTools Image Explorer Sample



We are targeting to enhance samples in PixTools for .NET 8.4. So we would like to publish some of them here, on EDN, to get your feedback and improve samples based on this feedback.


The first sample is PixTools Image Explorer. It demonstrates following features:


  • Working with Thumbnails

ThumbnailView doesn’t have root node and shows all image files in folder including multipage files. Multipage files are shown as document with title – name of file. Using ToolBox option in ThumbnailView context menu you can change size of thumbnails or enable/disable smoothing.


  • View

All standard operations like: rotations, mirroring, scaling etc are available.


There is full screen mode with miniature of page. It allows easy navigate through image. You can run slide show to go through set of documents or photos.


  • Image modification

You can rotate page and save modification


  • Scanning

This sample doesn’t focus on scanning functionality but it is available here.



How to run the sample

To run sample you should have

  1. PixTools for .NET 8.3
  2. MS Visual Studio 2008



  1. Unpack ZIP
  2. Run solution in VS 2008
  3. Correct references at PixTools assemblies


As always we will be glad to get your feedback.

Thank you very much to Petr Shportun who implemented this sample.