ECN Big Data Roundup, September 2014

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Hadoop-as-a-Service On Hybrid Cloud?

EMC The EMC Hybrid Cloud (EHC) Solution is a end-to-end reference architecture that is based on a Software-Defined Data Center architecture comprising technologies from across the EMC federation of companies: EMC storage and data protection, Pivotal CF Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and the Pivotal Big Data Suite, VMware cloud management and virtualization solutions, and VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. Watch Hadoop-as-a-Service demonstrated at last week’s VMworld 2014 San Francisco - the underpinnings of a Virtual Data Lake.  Read more...


Pivotal Roadshow:  Build Big Data Apps At A City Near You


Join Pivotal technologists and learn how to build and deploy great software on a modern cloud platform. At this workshop, you’ll get hands-on experience as you test drive Pivotal’s CF platform. In just a few hours, you’ll realize the speed and ease of pushing an application on Pivotal CF, the world's leading enterprise PaaS, powered by Cloud Foundry. The day is set up to fit your needs and time availability.  Read more...


Hadoop Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis

content-block-isilon-hadoop-460x265 (1).jpgEMC Evaluate alternative storage strategies for key unstructured data applications and workloads. Complete a simple assessment and get an informative total cost of ownership (TCO) report based on your specific requirements.  Read more...


Pivotal Big Data Suite Value ToolBi

BigDataSuite_Diagram.jpgThrough a Pivotal Big Data Suite subscription, customers store as much data as they want in fully supported Pivotal HD, paying for only value added services per core – Pivotal Greenplum Database, GemFire, SQLFire, GemFire XD, and HAWQ.   The significance of this new consumption model is that customers can now store as much Big Data as they want, but only be charged for the value they extract from Big Data.  Calculate your savings with Pivotal Big Data Suite compared to traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse technologies.  Read more...


Building Data Science Teams

Watch an excellent talk at EMC World about many of the elements that people need to consider as they build data science teams and architect this capability within an organization.   Read more...




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