How to stop NetWorker EBR backup policy


NetWorker 8.1

NetWorker VMware Protection Appliance setup with VMware protection Policy



How to stop NetWorker EBR backup policy



Use following methods to stop running policy,

1. From NMC, Under Monitoring: Right-click and select "Stop".


2. Stopping policy from NetWorker server using nsradmin

nsradmin> . type: NSR data protection policy; name: policy

Current query set

nsradmin> update stop now: true

                    stop now: true;

Update? yes

3. If the above 2 don't stop the policy: You can stop EBR from using the following procedure:

  • Get all running activity ID from 1st column in output of: mccli activity show
  • Example: root#: mccli activity show --active=true

0,23000,CLI command completed successfully.

ID               Status           Error Code Start Time           Elapsed     End Time             Type             Progress Bytes New Bytes Client   Domain

---------------- ---------------- ---------- -------------------- ----------- -------------------- ---------------- -------------- --------- -------- ---------------------------------------

9138903443539609 Running-SNAPSHOC 0          2014-01-07 00:23 IST 00h:00m:28s 2014-01-08 00:23 IST On-Demand Backup 0 bytes        0%        CRMSYST1 /vcenter.student.local/VirtualMachines

  • Stop using the command: "mccli activity cancel --id=ID"
  • Example: mccli activity cancel --id=9138903443539609



EMC Support Solution Number: 000176101