VMware Horizon View 5.3 and VMware vSphere for up to 2,000 Virtual Desktops

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Quick Stats
First Published:February 2014
Broker:Horizon View 5.3
Desktop Type(s):Linked Clones
Hypervisor:VMware vSphere ESX
Storage Type:VNX 5200
VNX 5400
VNX 5600
Target # of Desktops:Up to 2000


This set of documents describes the high level steps required to design and deploy an EMC® VSPEX® End-User Computing Solution for up to 2000 users with VMware Horizon View and VMware vSphere enabled by EMC next-generation VNX® storage.




This set of documents provides information and considerations for sizing and deploying an EUC solution on the latest VNX 5200, VNX 5400, and VNX 5600 series arrays. These next-generation VNX arrays include many features and enhancements designed and built upon the first generation's success. These features include:

  • More capacity with:
    • multicore optimization
    • multicore cache
    • multicore RAID
    • multicore FAST Cache (MCx)
  • Greater efficiency with a flash-optimized hybrid array
  • Better protection by increasing application availability with active/active
  • Easier administration and deployment with the new Unisphere® Management Suite.

All of these features and more help enhance the desktop experience for both users and administrators.




Design GuideInfrastructure Guide




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  • Design Guide
  • Infrastructure Guide

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