IOUG 2014 Survey "Efficiency Isn't Enough"

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#IOUG study says IT budgets gaining strength: half of managers expect growth next 12 months


Great #IOUG 2014 Survey "Efficiency Isn't Enough" have a look for #Oracle #SQLServer innovation


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IOUGStudyEfficiencyEnough.pngWhile enterprises rely more than ever on IT and data managers to deliver this competitive edge, these managers report that their departments and resources still tend to be mired in low-level database administration tasks, such as performing upgrades, fixes and patches, maintaining uptime and availability, and creating and maintaining copies of database information. Data management departments need to increase their output and productivity. But mere efficiency is not enough—IT and data managers need to make innovation a larger part of their jobs. The challenges of freeing up database budgets for more transformative IT initiatives are explored in a new global survey of data managers and professionals who are members of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) and their global partner organizations.

Just some of the findings:

  • IT budgets keep gaining strength, with about half of IT and data managers anticipating growth in the next 12 months. However significant protions of budges are going to database maintenance, versus supporting new technology initiatives.
  • Along with budgets shares, IT and data managers report that significant amounts of their time are also being devoted to routine maintenance activities. Close to half report that this has been on the increase.

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