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XQuery Demo

This demo shows XQuery running on top of EMC Documentum xDB. The demo works with XML documents stored in xDB, a native XML database, and utilizes the documents and queries as described in the XML Query Use Cases document. Besides using the provided queries, it is also possible to specify your own queries on the sample database. The database has been loaded with a library structure and documents which can be viewed through the database browser on the Browse Data tab.

XForms Demos

This demo shows sample XForms running in the EMC Documentum XForms engine, code named 'Formula'.  Formula implements the XForms 1.1 specification and runs entirely from within a web browser. It is capable of rendering very flexible and dynamic forms without the need for a plugin or processing outside of the browser.  The demo includes the XForms code for each of the forms, and you are invited to submit your own code to be included.

XProc Designer

EMC is proud to offer the first commercial implementation of XProc, the XML Pipeline Language standard, and the first graphical editor for generating XProc code.  The preview release of the XProc Designer is available here, and you can read more about our XProc engine here.  You can also watch some how-to videos on using the Designer.

XML Diff Engine Demo

These videos comprise a recorded presentation and demo of the XML Diff Engine, a utility for calculating the differences between XML documents.