Gathering log files for troubleshooting Avamar client backup and restore issues

Gathering log files for troubleshooting Avamar client backup and restore issues


Avamar Client



This document describes the various logs and their location on Avamar client for trouble shooting the issues.



The location of the client logs will vary depending on the platform:

  • On Windows:  C:\program files\avs\var\
  • On Linux:  /usr/local/avamar/var
  • On other UNIX platforms:  /opt/AVMRclnt/var
  • On NetWare:  sys:\avamar\var
  • On MAC: /private/var/avamar

Log files are useful to EMC Tehnical Support: 

  • *.log files   (also known as avtar logs and contain information on the backup)
  • *.alg files (contains workorder information)
  • avagent.log (logs workorders, connections and registration messages for the Avamar backup service)
  • avtar.cmd (special parameters passed to avtar)
  • avagent.cmd  (special parameters passed to avagent)
  • avagent.cfg (contains server hostname and server side MCS connection port)
  • cid.bin (contains client identification number and server details)
  • avscc.log (logging for the Avamar client GUI)

Note: From version 5 the avscc log has been relocated.

For Windows XP, the log is located at:

          %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Avamar\avscc.log

For Windows Vista, the log is located at:

For Mac Computers, the log location remains the same at:

         Where, USER is the username (short name) of the logged in account.


Which files not to include:

The following files are large and not necessary for troubleshooting purposes.  Please do not include:

  • p_cache.dat (hash cache)
  • f_cache.dat (file cache)
  • SystemState.bkf

Retrieving Avamar backup logs from the server


If we are troubleshooting an issue related to a backup whose log is no longer available on the client we can retrieve the log from the Avamar server GSAN.


1. List the backups available for the client


mccli backup show --name=/domain/full-client-name


You will see output similar to this:-


Created LabelNum Size        Retention
----------------------- -------- ----------- ---------
2012-06-05 09:01:52 IST 99       34117216256 D
2012-06-05 08:49:15 IST 98       34108467200 D
2012-06-04 08:12:59 IST 97       34078259200 DW
2012-06-04 08:09:32 IST 96       34083352576 DW


2. Take a note of the label number of the backup whose log you are interested in.


3. Run the following avtar command, entering the appropriate information.


avtar  -x --server=<Avamar server IP/hostname> --id=root --ap=<avamar root password> --path=/domain/full-client-name --labelnum=<from LabelNum column of previous output> --showlog > output-file


Note that the 'avamar root password' which needs to be supplied here is the Avamar GSAN password, not the Linux OS password


4. The log contents will be available in 'output-file'.


Enabling more detailed (debug) logging


Occasionally, support or engineering will require more details than is provided by the default output.


To enable 'debug / verbose' logging on a single client:

  • Edit or create a text file on the client computer named avtar.cmd. The file must be placed in the \var directory where the client was installed.
  • Use a text editor to create the file and add these lines:
  • Save the file


It is also possible to enable 'debug / verbose' logging through the GUI or enable it for an entire data set. You should refer to the latest Avamar System Administrator guide for current details but in general this will require you to select the 'More Options' button, choose 'Advanced Options' and then mark the  'Enable Debugging Messages' checkbox while performing a single backup or adding the --debug=true and --verbose=true options to a dataset.



  • ZIP the files and attach the files to Powerlink.
  • Use standard ZIP files and not some other compression utility such as Winrar or Winace. EMC Support does not have access to programs to decompress these archives.
  • Do not email the files to support unless specifically requested.
  • In addition to email attachment size limitations, if your support cases passes ownership to another Support Engineer the new Engineer will not have access to the log files.
  • Avoid permanent use of the  --debug and --verbose avtar flags.
  • If possible and if the issue is easily reproducible, provide non debug and full debug logs.



EMC Support Solution Number: 110622