Hadoop Distributions and Products Supported by OneFS

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OneFS supports these distributions and products of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).  The information below is based on Isilon testing and validation.





  A "" in a cell indicates support for that family of OneFS.

  An exact version number in a cell indicates the minimum supported version.

  A "P-XXXXXX" in a cell indicates the specific OneFS patch that must be installed for support.

  A blank cell indicates an unsupported version.

  Some cells are labeled to indicate future support.

  An asterisk (*) * indicates evaluation or proof-of-concept usage only. Cloudera will be performing certification of HDP 3.1 with OneFS, targeting a completion date by the end of July 2019. Customers should only deploy HDP 3.1 with OneFS in production after the certification process is complete.




OneFS Compatibility
Hadoop EcoSystem7.


1.5.1 - 1.6.0 P-242854 P-242854

1.7.0 - P-242854

2.0.0 - P-242854 P-242854 P-242854 P-242854

2.1.2 P-242854

2.2.0 - 2.2.1 P-242854 P-242854

2.4.x P-242854

2.5.x8.0.0.5 P-242854

P-215881 P-242854


(requires IAMP version 1.0.0)



(requires IAMP version

ClouderaCDH 3u2 - CDH 3u58.1.2.0 P-242854
CDH 4.0 - P-242854
CDH 5.0 - P-242854
CDH P-242854
CDH 5.3 - P-242854
CDH 5.4.4 - P-242854
CDH 5.8 - 5.11 P-242854
CDH 5.12 - 5.15 P-242854
GreenPlumGPHD 1.1, P-242854
Hadoop0.20.203, 0.20.2058.1.2.0 P-242854
1.0.0 - P-242854 P-242854 P-242854
2.2 - P-242854 P-242854 P-242854 P-242854 P-242854 P-242854 P-242854
HortonworksHDP 1.1.1 - P-242854
HDP 2.0 - P-242854
HDP P-242854
HDP P-242854
HDP 2.4 P-242854
HDP 2.5 P-242854
HDP P-242854
HDP 3.0.1


HDP 3.1* (requires IAMP version

IBMOpen Platform P-242854
Open Platform P-242854
Open Platform P-242854
PivotalHAWQ P-242854
HAWQ - P-242854
HAWQ 1.3 - P-242854
HDB P-242854

coming soon P-242854
HD P-242854
HD 2.0 - P-242854
HD 3.0 - P-242854