Why Education/Services For Big Data?

To gain value from Big Data, it is important to have the people and processes in place to identify and execute on optimal use cases that utilize Big Data analytics to solve business problems.  This may require training staff in Big Data Analytics and Data Science and to seek experienced, outside resources to help deliver results.




EMC Big Data Curriculum

EMC Big Data Curriculum are online and in person EMC Education Courses for IT, Business Leaders, Data Scientists to gain the skills needed to effectively identify Big Data opportunities, execute on projects, and create a data-driven culture company-wide.


Free one hour online training for Executives

One day online training for Business Leaders

Five day online or instructor led training for Data Scientists


Building Data Science Teams

Watch an excellent talk at EMC World about many of the elements that people need to consider as they build data science teams and architect this capability within an organization.  The session focused on these 4 main areas:

  • Data Science Team.  The roles and competencies required for a high-performing data science team.
  • Developing Data Science Capabilities.  Deciding which model to choose for developing data science capabilities, because not everyone needs to build their own team. In other words, you should consider whether it is best to transform an existing team, build a brand new one, outsource, or crowdsource specific data science problems.
  • Organizational Model.  Organizations may choose to have a centralized data science team, a de-centralized one, or take a hybrid approach.  The key is to understand the trade-offs of each path and be thoughtful in the path you pursue.
  • Executive Engagement.  Getting executive engagement and support is critical.  This is what separates a company with localized analytical teams from another that uses analytics to really inform its strategy. Think of Netflix, Amazon, or the Oakland A’s (Moneyball) in this latter category.


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EMC Business Data Lake Services

EMC understands that in the new world of big data analytics, organizations need outside skills, expertise, and training to address the people, processes, and technologies required to extract business value from massive amounts of data being generated inside and outside the company.




Based on successful big data engagements with customers, EMC has developed a full suite of services and education is available to assist customers with identifying the right use cases, proving out the value, deploying the data lake, and re-skilling IT operations and analytics practitioners

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Pivotal Data Labs


Pivotal Data Labs brings Pivotal’s data scientists to your site to help your team shorten the timeline to reach actionable analytical results. By combining services, training, and (in some cases) hardware and software, these unique labs bring the latest tools, methods, and technologies to bear on Big Data analytics challenges. Our team partners with your analysts, data platform administrators, and business leadership to solve your top business challenges and find new opportunities in your data, all on an accelerated schedule.