Data Lake

Why Data Lake For Big Data?


The growth of Big Data is driving organizations to move beyond rigid and structured data warehouse environments to more accessible and cost-effective "Data Lakes" - centrally managed repositories using low cost technologies such as Hadoop to land any and all data that might potentially be valuable for analysis.


What sets a Data Lake apart from a chaotic file dumping ground is its robust and intelligent management capabilities. Through an IT enforced security framework and metadata catalog, data sets are easily accessible and discoverable by authorized consumers who are then responsible for data transformation and subsequent analysis. Data is then automoatically cleaned up after analysis is complete to reduce the waste of resources and the risk of data leakage.


The EMC Federation offers a low risk, best of breed approach to evolve from legacy silo'd data architectures into an agile Data Lake. Centered around Pivotal Big Data Suite and HDFS-enabled storage the EVP Data Lake offers technologies from Pivotal, VMware, and EMC II to deploy the most flexible and efficient Data Lake solution based on your data processing and storage requirements.




Case Studies:


Federation Business Data Lake

Federation Business Data Lake 1.0 and EMC Business Data Lake 1.0 are two fully-engineered, enterprise-grade data lake solutions that make enabling big data initiatives radically simple. Both solutions are essentially the same, the difference being that the EMC Business Data Lake provides additional choices for the ecosystem that include Hortonworks and Cloudera.

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Pivotal + Capgemini Deliver Business Data Lake

Together, Capgemini and Pivotal have created a next-generation information management solution that delivers Big Data to all users. It combines Capgemini's leading business processes and Big Data skills with Pivotal’s cutting-edge technology. The result is a new approach to addressing companies’ data and information challenges.


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