Why Analytics For Big Data?


The power of Big Data has shifted the focus of analytics from measuring the past to anticipating the future. This is very much an extension of traditional data mining where you build predictive models, but the difference is that new technologies such as Hadoop provide greater agility and the ability to analyze larger, more diverse data sets. As a result, data analysts can quickly develop more accurate predictive models that deliver unprecedented value.


The EMC Federation provides technologies and solutions to meet any analytic requirement. Develop your own solution with Pivotal Big Data Suite or leverage pre-built analytic solutions such as IT Operations Analytics and Federation Security Analytics.


Case Studies:


IT Operations Analytics

Combining Big Data technologies and Data Science techniques across the EMC Federation, IT Operations Analytics provides a means to monitor mission critical services so your operations professionals can act before your customers are impacted, improving customer satisfaction with the IT team.


  • Health Score For Services:  The solution collects logs, events and performance information from component applications and infrastructure and uses statistical modeling to provide a single, real-time health-score for your mission critical services.
  • Proactive Problem Solution:  Your IT operations team gains the insight they need to find and fix problems before they impact the service, and to identify why a service is not operating optimally.
  • Power of Data Science:  IT Operations Analytics is a big data platform that leverages Pivotal analytics to ingest and store application data while applying data science to the monitoring problem.
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Federation Security Analytics

The Federation Security Analytics solution provides unprecedented visibility through full network packet capture, log collection and contextual data enrichment. It incorporates the EMC Data Compute Appliance, the RSA Security Analytics Appliance, and Pivotal analytics technologies to form a big data analytics solution.

The solution can be deployed on a Federation Data Lake platform to extend its analytics capabilities, provide greater scalability and execute on additional big data use cases.

  • Gain Complete Visibility:  Eliminate blind spots with visibility across logs, networks, and endpoints. Inspect every network, packet session, and log event for threat indicators at time of collection with capture time data enrichment.
  • Detect and Analyze:  Discover attacks missed by traditional security information and event management (SIEM) and signature-based tools by correlating network packets, netflow, endpoints, and logs. Identify high-risk indicators of compromise by harnessing the power of big data and data science techniques.
  • Take Targeted Action:  Prioritize investigations and streamline multiple analyst workflows in one tool. Instantly pivot from incidents into deep endpoint and network packet detail to understand the true nature and scope of the issue.

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Pivotal Big Data Suite:  Store Everything, Analyze Anything, Build The Next Thing

Through a Pivotal Big Data Suite subscription, customers store as much data as they want in fully supported Pivotal HD, paying for only value added services per core – Pivotal Greenplum Database, GemFire, SQLFire, GemFire XD, and HAWQ.   The significance of this new consumption model is that customers can now store as much Big Data as they want, but only be charged for the value they extract from Big Data.



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