VPLEX-VMAX Multiple Masking Views.pdf

An updated version of this document is available for ViPR Controller 2.2 at https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-42721.


This article describes new functionality being added in  ViPR® 2.0 that allows the generation or discovery of multiple masking views on a VMAX® or storage groups on a VNX® for hosting VPLEX® volumes. This functionality is most beneficial on the VMAX, which is described in detail here. While there is some benefit to applying a similar technique to the VNX (which is mentioned), this is not the focus of this article. Supporting other arrays as a backend to the VPLEX is not discussed here.


The motivations for providing this support include:


  • Some customers desire explicit control of how many masking views are used between the VPLEX and a VMAX.
  • Other customers want automatic generation of an appropriate number of masking views used between the VPLEX and a VMAX. ViPR 2.0 does this based on the number of VPLEX back-end ports and VMAX ports that are available for use.


The details of how to set up such a configuration manually are described in this article. There is a substantial amount of manual configuration required to enable support for Multiple Masking Views. You should read this document completely and adhere to all its recommendations and requirements to ensure a successful configuration. Alternately, ViPR 2.0 generates one or more Masking Views as appropriate, based on your configuration. The details of what to expect for automatically generated configurations are also described.