EMC IT’s eCALM Demo - IT-as-a-Service  / Database-as-a-Service

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#EMC IT's eCALM platform creates #ITaaS and #DBaaS to rapidly provision #Oracle Databases.


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Watch Darryl Smith, EMC IT's Chief Database Architect discuss how EMC IT developed, eCALM – Enterprise Cloud Automation Lifecycle Management Platform.


Why eCALM?  Business is demanding velocity and agility for the business:

  • Faster time to business value
  • Fewer restrictions
  • More Efficient
  • More reliable

See how eCALM automates IT Platform Operations and does the following:


Complete provisioning of Compute, Networking, Storage and Monitoring

  • Does all Day 2 operations for CPU, Memory and Storage


Self-Service for IT and Database Administrators

  • Scale applications and databases “up or down”, “in or out”


IT Best Practices are instilled in the eCALM platform:

  • Configuration Management, Platform upgrades and patching
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Monitoring

Learn how the following eCALM components create ITaaS and DBaaS:

  • vCloud Automation Center
  • vCenter Orchestrator
  • vCenter Operations Manage
  • Puppet


You can review the whitepaper here: EMC IT's Database-as-a-Service