Why VMAX3 for Oracle Database

VMAX3 arrays deliver mission-critical storage with the scale, performance, availability, and agility to meet the high demands of extreme data growth in today’s and tomorrow’s hybrid cloud.  Scale performance and capacity to support high-demand online transaction processing (OLTP), online analytical processing (OLAP) for enterprise data warehousing (EDW), and Big Data applications.

Top reasons why customers deploy VMAX3 for Oracle database:

  • Architected for high performance

EMC VMAX3 redefines high-end storage by delivering unprecedented power, scalability, and density. VMAX3 delivers the highest performance for mixed workload Oracle environment.  Using cutting edge industry leading technologies VMAX3 is able to provide award winning performance and scale for Oracle environments.  Leveraging a newly updated hardware and software architecture the VMAX3 now delivers up to three times greater performance while also providing up to two times more capacity per floor tile over previous generation products.  This provides the processing and bandwidth horsepower to meet the demands of even the largest Oracle, and mixed application environments.

  • Oracle specific performance enhancements

While VMAX3 continues to leverage, an updated, Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) technology to dynamically move workloads to the right tier of storage (i.e. Flash, SAS) it now also leverages Oracle specific performance features.  VMAX3 adds application-aware behavior intelligence, known as ‘hinting’, which monitoring Oracle activity and then makes recommendation on how to increase performance based on predictive analytics.  VMAX3 dramatically increases performance for backup and restores of Oracle databases.  Leveraging a new technology, called ProtectionPoint, VMAX3 can now backup and restore snapshots of Oracle databases directly to a Data Domain device, eliminating the backup impact on the Oracle application server while also gaining the deduplication benefits (up to 10x space reduction) of Data Domain. This new technology dramatically reduces the backup and restore times compared to traditional backup and restore technologies.

For more about application-aware, please refer to 'VMAX Application Awareness!'.

  • Enterprise scalability

With a family of VMAX3 models to choose from customers can choose the right VMAX3 for their environment.  All VMAX3 models use the same multi-engine high availability architecture which allows customers to add storage, upgrade microcode, migrate data and balance IOPS – all without downtime.  Leveraging VMAX3 technology storage configuration and management is even simpler while also being highly automated to maintain performance and availability without administrator overhead.

  • Most scalable, trusted replication for Oracle

VMAX3 will continue to leverage, a newly updated, Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) for multi-site redundancy.  Many of the world’s largest Oracle customers use SRDF to protect their most valuable data assets and ensure their mission critical applications stay available.  SRDF has been updated to continue to offer Oracle customers the most robust multi-site redundant product in the industry.  VMAX3 also continue to leverage TimeFinder, also recently updated, for local replication.  The next generation TimeFinder family has been re-architected for VMAX3 with a focus on reducing infrastructure impact, increase in scale and improving ease of use.  Among other new features TimeFinder now support up to 256 snapshots (previously 32), uses considerably less storage, uses user-defined naming and can snap an entire Storage Group in a single command.  These new features provide Oracle environments with much more flexibility and scalability when it comes to replication, both locally and remotely.

  • Simple management and view of storage

Oracle Database Administrators (DBAs) can access real time and historical VMAX3 performance data through EMC’s Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) storage plug-in for VMAX3.  The OEM plug-in enables dramatically more efficient performance and capacity planning and management for DBA’s.

Combined with EMC’s Unisphere storage management software, which uses a simple point-and-click wizard driven interface, these DBA relevant tools can dramatically simplify storage provisioning to meet growing requirements, migrate data and balance IOPS – all without downtime.  VMAX3 is also highly integrated with virtualized technologies, like VMware and Hyper-V, to provide configuration and management to all administrators.  This makes configuring and managing VMAX3 storage in a virtualized Oracle environment simpler and faster for all administrators.



  • Proven Oracle Solution

EMC recognizes the importance of enterprise storage in Oracle environments and invests heavily in solution resources to assure VMAX3 has the best practices and solution proof points to support its customers.  Customers benefit from a library of Oracle focused solutions assets that can help them define, build and support their Oracle and VMAX3 environments. Oracle has been, and continues to be, a high priority for EMC VMAX solutions.  EMC and Oracle work closely together to develop best practices, case studies and value-add integrations to make using VMAX3 simpler and faster in Oracle environments.

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Top Reasons Why Customers Deploy VMAX3 for Oracle

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