July 2nd - Weekly Partner Technical Update

Partner Technical Team,


Here is the update that covers the past couple weeks, sorry for the long one.  I tried to distill this to the important points!  One other note – you’ve probably already seen the emails from EMC Corporate – next week, Tuesday July 8th, is a major announcement Redefine Possible.  The main EMC webpage has a link if you want to  join the broadcast live.


1.    ViPR 2.0 Release

2.    EMC Storage Analytics 2.3 Release

3.    EMC Customer Education Newsletter

4.    NEW!  Rethink Storage Webcasts for July

5.    Partner Notification Tool for Installations

6.    XtremIO GUI Simulator 1.0

7.    VNX and VMAX Flash Power Packs

8.    XtremIO “starter bricks” Explained



1. ViPR 2.0 Release


See the attached email notification from GS for information on the new ViPR 2.0 release.


Also you can find more details here:





2.    EMC Storage Analytics 2.3 Release


EMC Storage Analytics version 2.3 was announced this week.  In summary, here is what’s new:

  • An OEM version of vCenter Operations Manager 5.8.1 that is for EMC storage only
  • New and updated dashboards
  • New and improved VNX metrics
  • Introduced support for VNXe metrics
  • Unisphere launch feature for VNXe
  • Event correlation for VNX Block


Important changes from the previous release:  EMC Storage Analytics (ESA) 2.3 does not support CLARiiON or Celerra platforms. If you have CLARiiON or Celerra platforms in your environment, continue to use EMC Storage Analytics (ESA) 2.1.


Find more details here:


Lastly, a quick reminder about the product:


VMware® vCenter Operations Manager is a software product that collects performance and capacity data from monitored software and hardware resources. It provides users with real-time information about potential problems in the enterprise.   vCenter Operations Manager presents data and analysis in the following ways:

  • Through alerts that warn of potential or occurring problems
  • In configurable dashboards and predefined pages that show commonly needed information
  • In predefined reports


EMC® Storage Analytics links vCenter Operations Manager with an EMC adapter. The adapter is bundled with a connector that enables vCenter Operations Manager to collect performance metrics.   The adapter is installed with the vCenter Operations Manager user interface.  EMC Storage Analytics leverages the power of existing vCenter features to aggregate data from multiple sources and process the data with proprietary analytic algorithms.


3.    EMC Customer Education Newsletter


Attached is the EMC Customer Education Newsletter and Course schedule.   This includes all Instructor Led Training courses as well as the US Online ILT course schedules for both EMC and VMware classes.   Partners earn training credits which can be used internally for this training as well so if you’re looking to get another TA or perhaps become VCP certified, ask your management about these credits.


4.    NEW!  Rethink Storage Webcasts for July


Looking for a great way to introduce your customers to ViPR, ViPR SRM or Service Assurance Suite? Or learn more about this yourself?  Check out the  attend the ReThink Storage Webcast Series.   This helps them to understand how the solutions can solve challenges in their environment and is a great primer for a deeper dive discussion.


See the attached invite, or go directly to the sign up pages below:



5.    Partner Notification Tool for Installations


For all Services Partners:  If you or one of your engineers will be installing (Rack and Stack services) EMC hardware you NEED to go through this training or have your implementation engineer go through it.

  1. First, engineers must have either the product IE or product foundations certification.  i.e. The VNX IE or VNX Foundations (Quickstart)
  2. If you have full IE – ensure you complete the mentoring (Online Lab & Guidance Service)
  3. Go to this site  https://education.emc.com/part/services/operational.aspx
    • Complete the Operational Tools and Process Training
    • Complete the Operational Tools and Process Assessment Test
    • Complete the Partner Notification Tool (PNT) Training

Step 3 will ensure you follow the process to place the gear on EMC Maintenance.  Now the HW/SW will be placed into the correct Site ID so that Customer Service knows where it is located.



6.    XtremIO GUI Simulator 1.0

The GUI simulator provides quickest and easiest path for our customers and you and your sales team to get a feel for the XtremIO flash arrays without having to access real storage. This can used both as a training tool and as a way to get customer experience feedback.  The user guide and executables can be downloaded from the links below:

Simulator Guide:  https://my.syncplicity.com/share/xpfad3ww9ecckx0/XtremIO_GUI_Simulator_User_Guide_Version1

Simulator EXE for Windows:  https://my.syncplicity.com/share/a68wiouoqffjluu/XtremIO_GUI_Simulator_1.0

Simulator DMG file for MAC:  https://my.syncplicity.com/share/gkqsnyunsfdjgow/XtremIO_GUI_Simulator_1.0

TIP:  If you have trouble finding the default login credentials, use: Username admin, password 123456



7.    VNX and VMAX Flash Power Packs


Do you have a customer who needs to add SSDs to their VNX or VMAX?  If so take advantage of this program to get more for less. Order flash drives for the VNX in increments of 25, 50 or a 100 or on the VMAX in 32, 48, 96 or 192 increments for great $/GB pricing.  The flash power packs are a great way to get added performance at lower costs to meet application needs now and in the future.  More details in the Q&A below:


What are the VNX "Power Pack" Sizes?

Answer:                 The VNX Power Packs come in 4TB, 8TB, 16TB and 32TB sizes using either 200GB or 400GB flash drives, and are available for VNX new system sales as shown below:

For the VNX5200: Purchase in 25, 50 or 100 drive increments (4TB to 32TB)

For the VNX5400: Purchase in 25, 50 or 100 drive increments (4TB to 32TB)

For the VNX5600: Purchase in 25, 50 or 100 drive increments (8TB to 32TB)

For the VNX5800: Purchase in 25, 50 or 100 drive increments (8TB to 32TB)

For the VNX7600: Purchase in 50 or 100 drive increments (16TB to 32TB)

For the VNX8000: Purchase in 50 or 100 drive increments (16TB to 32TB)

What is included in the VNX pack pricing?

Answer:                 The offer’s $/GB flash price includes only flash drives. Any required DAEs and capacity-based VNX OE must be added and will be priced separately.

What are the VMAX Power Pack Sizes?

Answer:                The Power Packs come in 2 sizes per platform and for upgrades.

For New 10K Sales: Purchase in either 32 or 48 drive increments

For New 20K Sales: Purchase in either 96 or 192 drive increments

For New 40K Sales: Purchase in either 96 or 192 drive increments

For All VMAX Upgrades: Purchase in either 32 or 48 drive increments

What is included in the VMAX pack pricing?

The offer’s $/GB flash price Includes Drives, DAEs, Enginuity, Unisphere, & SW Maintenance. Replication is included in the bundle.

The 800GB drive which GA’ed 06/05, also apply for the PowerPack discount. The drive quantity thresholds are changed due to the significant difference in capacity. The 800GB drive is only available on the 10K and 40K.



8.    XtremIO “starter bricks” explained


EMC is now offering a 5TB raw capacity Xbrick (13x400GB SSD).  We’ve seen some confusion with the term “starter brick”, so just wanted to clear that up.  There are no “10TB starter bricks”.  All 10TB Xbricks are sold with the 25 – 400GB drives.


To summarize, there are 3 capacities for a customer wanting to initially purchase a single Xbrick:

  1. 1.       5TB (13x400GB)
  2. 2.       10TB (25x400GB)
  3. 3.       20TB (25x800GB)


Hope this helps.  Also, keep in mind, the 5TB bricks come with all the same inline features of the other bricks, thin provisioning, dedupe, snapshots.