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EMC XtremIO Introduction - Scalable Performance for Oracle Database


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In an increasingly competitive environment, businesses are being driven to optimize business processes and to improve service, while lowering IT costs. Meeting these new requirements has become critical to the financial success of many companies. Consequently, operational and revenue-generating applications are experiencing dramatic demands on performance.


EMC FAST VP for Oracle OLTP and DSS Workloads



EMC FAST Suite automatically and non-disruptively optimizes storage based on application access patterns.  Fully Automated Storage Tiering  Cache (FAST Cache) services active data set with few flash drives; Fully Automated Storage Tiering  for Virtual Pools (FAST VP) optimizes disk utilization and efficiency with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Near-Line SAS (NL-SAS) drives.



Un-Interesting Questions Like Whether Oracle is Mission Critical

mission critical.pngAs an attorney, I am frequently asked this question: "Is blah, blah, blah illegal?" To which I have a standard response: "The question of whether a given activity is illegal is uninteresting. A more interesting question is: What bad thing happens to you when you do blah, blah, blah?" The question of whether a given application is mission critical is similarly uninteresting. A more interesting question is: "What bad thing happens to the business if the application fails?" And another interesting question: "How can we protect the business from the bad consequence of the application failing?"




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Cloud redefined


EMC XtremIO Snapshots Are Different!


2014-06-30_142144.pngUnderstanding that snapshots are instantaneous copy images of volume data with the state of the data captured exactly as it appeared at the specific point in time that the snapshot was created, enabling users to save the volume data state and then access the specific volume data whenever needed, including after the source volume has changed.



Experience Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance


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EMC prides itself on providing informed customer choice and
a breadth of products to most often exceed customer requirements. With that in mind, the right way for technical people like us to respond to this form of old-style marketing is to either present our strengths and leave the customer to decide, or preferably become sufficiently familiar with Oracle’s competing products to be fair and compare them with our own, ensuring the right questions are being asked of both our competitors and our own specialists to the benefit.


Architecture and Benefits of VMware vSphere Virtualization- Parts I, II, III, IV


VDI.pngIn today’s world many technocrats, DBAs, CIOs and CTOs are very concerned about the expenses bill on hardware procurement and also on the optimal, consolidated and cost-effective usage of the same. I will try to get inside the problem with the help virtualization as a solution and try to build a series of blogs on virtualization (with special reference to Vblock and Oracle). In this particular blog I will try to address the basic concepts of virtualization and its comparison.the traditional physical





This is a short 10 minute video that shows how EMC IT transformed provisioning of Oracle databases from the traditional data center model that took weeks for delivery to how they can now deliver a database in one hour. In the video we show the VMware software used to fully automate the provisioning of databases. We cover vCloud Automation Center (vCAC), vCenter Orchestrator (vCO), and the open source Puppet Labs tool.


Oracle and Cloud Computing


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The Oracle and Cloud Computing video explains the transformation journey when moving from physical to a virtual infrastructure. In the video we learn how IT moves towards a broker of application services through the integration of EMC and VMware solutions.

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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Plug-In for EMC VMAX Demo



The EMC VMAX Storage Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c enables users to deliver comprehensive availability, performance, and configuration information for EMC VMAX Storage Arrays. By combining EMC VMAX system monitoring solution for Oracle systems, and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c customers can significantly reduce the complexity of managing and cost of applications that rely on EMC Symmetrix VMAX systems and Oracle technologies.  The demonstration video shows the current (v6) UI and has a focus on the functionality of the plug-in (as opposed to installation and configuration).

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