SAP virtualized HANA DR Solution with RecoverPoint and VMware SRM (Project RUBICON)


An international team of Deloitte, EMC, VMware, and Cisco functional and technical experts worked together to identify the challenges of SAP HANA Disaster Recovery over longer distances (greater than 500 km).  Through this Proof of Concept, named Project RUBICON, this cross-functional, multi-company team explored the possibilities and results of performing HANA Disaster Recovery through the use of HANA on VMware and RecoverPoint.

Here is the link to the replay of the Webcast for the presentation.  You can also download the presentation used at SAPPHIRE 2014 below.

White Paper documentation of this PoC was executed in two phases:

Phase 1 demonstrated the following, as described in this white paper:

  • Initial replication of very large amounts of data (~6TB) is possible in a reasonable amount of time (~16 hours) over a distance of 500km using a simple VPN WAN connection.
  • Recovery from this remote site could be completed successfully and quickly (under 15 minutes),  through the use of currently available technology with HANA on VMware and EMC RecoverPoint, along with technologies from Cisco.


You can watch the video presentation & demo of Project RUBICON in action on YouTube,

Phase 2 focused on Production considerations, as described in this white paper:

  • This POC demonstrated the simplicity of an automated and orderly SAP HANA workload relocation from Suwanee, GA to Durham, NC and back over long distance, in a hybrid cloud operating model, and without any data loss.
  • EMC RecoverPoint and VMware SRM can deliver disaster recovery over distances of 550km while meeting customer SLAs, providing lessons learned and a reference architecture for the possible deployment of SAP’s new S/4HANA in virtualized mode and over a hybrid cloud.

You can watch a video presentation of Phase 2 on YouTube.

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