EMC ScaleIO High-Performance Oracle 12c Database Deployments

In this paper you will read about how ScaleIO was used with:

  • Oracle Linux 6.4
  • 8 x 2U Cisco C240 M3 servers each with 2 x E5-2690 Intel Xeon processors
  • Oracle database 12c grid infrastructure  that supports both 11gR2 and 12c RAC databases

ScaleIOPaperConcurrency.pngTwo Oracle tests were conducted. The first was loading a 300GB tables with synthetic data and conducting a series of tables scans with increasing levels of concurrency using the Parallel Query Option. The findings showed that ScaleIO was able to consistently support 21.2 GB/s of throughput derived from 173,711 physical reads!

Oracle recommendation:



ScaleIO Oracle recommendation:

In the paper you will note that the database initialization setting DB_FILE_MULTIBLOCK_READ_COUNT was set to 16! In regard to ScaleIO the recommended setting changes from matching the size of the maximum operating system I/O to tests that have validated 128K as the target starting point for MULTIBLOCK READ COUNT value. Use this equation to achieve the optimal value: 128K / DB_BLOCK_SIZE = value for MULTIBLOCK READ COUNT.

ScaleIOPaperReads.pngThe other test was to load 1TB of data using the Silly Little Oracle Benchmark kit (SLOB) and run read-only workload. This test was read-centric and 72 sessions connected to 8 database instances was used to generate peak read IOPS. After 1 hour of testing using SLOB ScaleIO held an I/O rate of above 800,000 IOPS for the entire hour! The average db file sequential read  wait time was under 1 millisecond for the read test.

Download and learn about the other tests run on ScaleIO:

  • Mixed I/O OLTP-Style testing: random reads service times in the 600 microsecond range
  • Oracle 12c database testing: 293 GB had been scanned at a rate of 11.7 GB/s

ScaleIO at the EMC Store!

EMC-ScaleIO-IMG-02.pngIndustry standard servers and storage have evolved into dependable, high performance platforms suitable to handle a high percentage of today’s Oracle Database deployments. However, the applications depending on Oracle Database require scale-out and availability attributes that generally surpass the capability of a single, simple commodity storage server. EMC ScaleIO™ is software that enables one to build a converged infrastructure of compute and shared-disk storage using simple industry-standard servers. A ScaleIO server SAN is complementary to Oracle Database performance and availability requirements. This paper introduces EMC ScaleIO™ and offers a case study of the power and flexibility of ScaleIO converged infrastructure in an Oracle Database deployment.