ViPR SRM 3.5 - How do I configure a device as 'critical' and view alerts in ViPR SRM?

A device might be important to a data center or to an application. Therefore, any alerts for such devices will be of high importance. Such devices can be marked as critical.


To mark a device as critical:


  1. Click Administration > Centralized Management.
  2. Under Physical Overview, expand the primary backend hostname in the tree.
  3. Under Modules, expand Event-Processing in the tree and select Event-Property-Tagger:Alert-Consolidation.
  4. Click Edit for the conf/critical-device.csv file and make the required changes as described in the file.


To view all active alerts of the device which is configured as critical, go to Operations > Situations to Watch > Alert: Configures Critical Devices’ Alerts report.


Alert: Configured Critical Devices’ Alerts Report

AlertConfigured Critical Devices Alerts Report.gif


This report displays all active alerts which are generated after configuring the device as critical. It shows last one week of alerts in the report, but any alert that occurred prior to marking the device as critical will not be shown on this report.


This report can be used for viewing all alerts which are associated with the critical device irrespective of their severity. The same user actions can be performed on each alert which are available in the ‘All Alerts’ report in Operations > Alerts > All Alerts. Clicking on each row of the table will show the Alert Details report.


Author: Ekta Gupta