ViPR SRM 3.5 - How do I view devices that generated critical alerts using ViPR SRM?

Narrow your search for critical alerts in you environment using the Alert: Devices with Critical Alerts report.


To view devices which generated maximum number of critical alerts, go to Operations > Situations to Watch > Alert: Devices with Critical Alerts report.


Alert: Devices with Critical Alerts Report




The Devices with Critical Alerts report displays the top 5 devices that generated the maximum number of ACTIVE critical alerts in the last one week in a bar chart. This report helps to determine which device requires attention based on the number of critical alerts generated by that device. The default number of devices that will be shown on this report is 5, but the same can be configured by changing the number of sections configuration in the edit mode.


Here, each bar represents one device and the name and type of the device is shown on the bar itself. The same information can also be found by hovering the mouse on each bar. It also gives the count of ACTIVE critical alerts by that device, as well as total number of ACTIVE critical alerts in the system.


Clicking on a bar will show the details of the ACTIVE critical alerts for that device in a tabular format. The same user actions can be performed on each alert which are available in the All Alerts report in Operations > Alerts > All Alerts.


Author: Ekta Guptka