ViPR SRM 3.5 - How do I view all alerts that are of high impact in ViPR SRM?

The Alert: High Impact Alerts report enables you to highlight the high impact alerts using standard keywords. You can also customize the keywords to fit your environment.


To view all active alerts which are of high impact, go to Operations > Situations to Watch > Alert: High Impact Alerts report.


Alert: High Impact Alerts report




The High Impact Alerts report displays all active alerts that are of high impact like a port going down or device not reachable, generated in the last one week. This report filters alerts based on some key words available in messages like not ready, not available, now offline, and many others. All of these keywords can be seen in edit mode and can be modified as needed by adding or removing the keywords from the Filtering & Expansion tab. This report can be used for viewing all important alerts.


The same user actions can be performed on each alert which are available in the All Alerts report in Operations > Alerts > All Alerts. Clicking on each row of the table will show the Alert Details report.


Author: Ekta Gupta