EMC ViPR SRM 3.5 Product Documentation Index

Use this index to view EMC ViPR SRM 3.5 product documentation, including service packs. Links lead directly to articles posted on emc.com and to PDFs on the EMC Community Network (ECN), unless otherwise noted. You can also retrieve specific articles through an ECN search or a general Web search.


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What is EMC ViPR SRM?

Explore ViPR SRM

Understanding SolutionPacks

Video: Introduction to EMC ViPR SRM

ViPR SRM 3.5 - What to Download

Install and Upgrade

Install ViPR SRM

Install the ViPR SRM virtual appliance

Install ViPR SRM using the binary installer

Using the 1VM vApp to scaleout ViPR SRM

Using the binary installer to scaleout out ViPR SRM

Install and manage host agent software


Deployment Best Practices

Best practices for ViPR SRM high availability

Load balancer configuration for ViPR SRM

Running Windows collector services using least privileges


Version 3.0.x   >   ViPR SRM 3.5.2

Version 3.5.x   >   ViPR SRM 3.5.2


Version 3.0.x   >   ViPR SRM 3.5.1

Version 3.5.0   >   ViPR SRM 3.5.1


Version 3.0.x   >   ViPR SRM 3.5.0


Update ViPR SRM SolutionPacks



Automate updates in ViPR SRM

Manage system health

Stopping platform services



SolutionPack privileges

SolutionPack for Brocade FC Switch

FAQ: SolutionPack for Brocade FC Switch

SolutionPack for Cisco MDS/Nexus

SolutionPack for Cisco UCS

SolutionPack for Converged Infrastructure

SolutionPack for EMC Atmos

SolutionPack for EMC Centera

SolutionPack for EMC Data Domain

SolutionPack for EMC Data Protection Advisor

SolutionPack for EMC Host Interface

SolutionPack for EMC Isilon

SolutionPack for EMC RecoverPoint

SolutionPack for EMC ViPR

SolutionPack for EMC VMAX

VMAX comparison: Unisphere and SMI

SolutionPack for EMC VNX

SolutionPack for EMC VPLEX

SolutionPack for EMC ScaleIO

SolutionPack for EMC Watch4net Health

SolutionPack for EMC XtremIO

SolutionPack for Hitachi Device Manager

SolutionPack for HP 3PAR StoreServ

SolutionPack for HP EVA

SolutionPack for HP StorageWorks P9000

SolutionPack for IBM DS

SolutionPack for IBM LPAR

SolutionPack for IBM SAN Volume Controller/Storwize

SolutionPack for IBM XIV

SolutionPack for Microsoft Hyper-V

SolutionPack for NetApp Filer

SolutionPack for Oracle Database

SolutionPack for Physical Hosts

SolutionPack for Storage Compliance

SolutionPack for VI VirtualWisdom

SolutionPack for Microsoft SQL Server

SolutionPack for VMware vCenter


Configure and Use


Manage licensing in ViPR SRM

Manage ViPR SRM users and roles

Define device groups and LUN service levels

Discover SAN switch devices

Add columns to a table report

General troubleshooting

Storage Management

Manage storage capacity

Generate capacity reports

Create custom capacity reports

Explore enterprise LUNs and storage pools

Video: Storage Reclamation with EMC ViPR SRM


Overview: Managing compliance

Configure native compliance policies

Customize compliance scope criteria

Track configuration changes

Ensure compliance with the EMC Support Matrix

Use case study: Create a custom compliance policy



Manage alert consolidation

Configure and view critical device alerts

Find alerts for a device

Find a summary of all alerts

View consolidated alerts

View high impact alerts

View devices that generated critical alerts

Enable impact analysis for SAN critical events


Support Information

Release Notes

Security Guide

Performance and Scalability Guidelines

Support Matrix
EMC Online Support login may be required

Ports Usage Worksheet  3.5  |  3.5 SP1/SP2

Consolidated Alerts Worksheet 3.5  |  3.5 SP1/SP2

SolutionPack Metrics and Reports List