VNX Sizer an easy to use presales tool which recommends a VNX, VNX-F or VNXe system for a specified workload description. Workload descriptions can be very simple, using the Data Decay method, or more detailed, using the Application Oriented method. In either case, the inputs are presented in terms a businessman would understand. Best practices create the proposed solutions. Modify these results with a risk profile to vary solutions to more aggressive, less costly options to more conservative solutions with higher resiliency and cost. The user has control over the configuration chosen and has a range of possible solutions, with metrics by which to rank them. Choose rank by relative cost, power, capacity or performance. The VNXSizer displays its information in a graphical format and offers an HTML reporting capability for detailed accounting.


ersion 2.8 changes


  • VNXSizer 2.8 supports the VNXe3200 OE 3.1 configuration and performance updates.
  • VNXSizer 2.8 and NarBlaster version of VNXSizer now supports 95th percentile statistical summary reporting.
  • VNXSizer also provides its functionality via WEB interface: the browser version of VNXSizer is available at
  • Currently supported LDAP authentication allows any EMC employee to log-in using his credentials and store data under his personal profile. Non-EMC user registration is also supported using e-mail as a login name.


More changes coming in future releases

  • Import/Export to XML for all modules
  • Many GUI enhancements
  • Compatibility for VNXe All Flash array
  • A new “invite only” Android app is now available, please reach out to the email addresses below to get an early copy.


How Best to Help Us

If you get an error, use the Contact Developers button in the app to create an email with your concerns. Please let us know the OS you are using.

Please attach the file “request.txt” from "C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\VNXSizer2\Local Store\NativeApps\tmp


And send it to

CC to:;



Q: I got an SQL Init Failure on installation. What do I do?

A: Please quit the application, right-click and choose Run As Administrator. This will allow the app to instantiate its database file. This will be fixed in a future release.


Q: How do I report problems?

A: Use the Contact the developer’s button in the app or post here on EMC1 or email Please give us enough information to replicate your problem, like your OS, and the context files from


C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\VNXSizer2\Local Store

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\VNXSizer2\Local Store\NativeApps\tmp


Nightly builds

Page contains the latest build information and download links.



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