PixTools 8.3 ColorCodeDetection Class Sample

The ColorCodeDetection filter allows you to sort and index preliminary documents, or extracts the highlighted text. This filter can return both the position and the color of each detected mark.




The filter behaves similarly to all the PixTools filters, so if you understand how to use a PixTool IP filter, using the ColorCodeDetection filter is the same:


ColorCodeDetectionForm colordlg = new ColorCodeDetectionForm();
if (colordlg.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)
 PixIpFilterProcessor filters = new PixIpFilterProcessor();
 PixIpImageResult fresults = filters.Run(pixView.Image);
 PixIpResult data = fresults[colordlg.FilterObject];
 List<ColorMark> list = (List<ColorMark>)data["ColorMarks"];
 textBoxColor.BackColor = ((ColorCodeDetection)colordlg.FilterObject).MarkColor;