May 23rd - Weekly Partner Technical Update

Partner Technical Team,


Huge thanks to those of you who took time out of your day/week to join EMC in our Virtual SE kickoff.  We are all one team and I hope everyone really does see and believe that – I can tell you the change in the past three years has been absolutely SEISMIC.  For those who couldn’t join, keep your eyes open for an upcoming note with the sessions and collateral we shared this week.  Our mission now is clear:  go take more share, go get the solution win, and don’t miss an opportunity to hone your own edge technically!!


This week’s update includes:


1.    REMINDER!  Virtual EMC World - Coming May 28

2.    XtremIO Webinar & DEMO

3.    ViPR REST API Guide

4.    Blog Post:  Windows File Server or EMC File Services?

5.    Isilon Sizing and Positioning

6.    Tool Update:  VNX Pool Sizer (now supporting VNXe!)



1.    REMINDER!  Virtual EMC World - Coming May 28

Yes, you DID see this last week – No, I’m not being lazy (well a little bit maybe…).  But you don’t want to miss the chance to take advantage of this.  If nothing else, check out Area 52!!


Who:  Every customer – IT, Data Services, App Dev, Marketing, etc.

-          Did your customer miss EMC World?

-          Were your customers at EMC World, but couldn’t make all the sessions they wanted to?

-          Have underpen customers that could benefit from the content at EMC World?

When:  May 28, 2014


What:  All of the Keynotes – Including Area 52 and Area 53, Build a Hybrid Cloud, over 300 individual breakout sessions, and more.

Why:  Because the technical content and solutions resonate with customers.  It’s not just marketing.


2.    XtremIO Webinar & DEMO

Please take this chance to pass this invitation on to your customers interested in XtremIO and if you and/or your account execs want to learn more about the EMC all flash array, you’re absolutely welcome to register too.  Remember, you can request a demo directly from the XtremIO homepage by clicking directly on the “Request A Demo” button.



EMC XtremIO Webinar Series!



29 MAY 2014 -- 11:00 AM PST




This webinar will provide you with considerations when evaluating the performance of solid state storage systems. Today, All-Flash Arrays are typically deployed to meet stringent performance demands and service important applications. Flash arrays use new technology with fewer mature practices to aid evaluation and flash can behave in unfamiliar ways. EMC XtremIO will discuss how customers are leveraging the EMC XtremIO All-Flash Array to drive value back to the business and it’s unique architecture for consideration when evaluating different arrays.

Thought Leader:

Miroslav Klivansky




3.    ViPR REST API Guide

The attached doc shows the latest & greatest REST integration points into ViPR and is particularly interesting in its capabilities to now do Snapshots from CLI for File and Block.  Why should you care???  When ViPR first came out the belief was that this was a great tool for customers who had tens or dozens of EMC arrays behind it.  As the ViPR capabilities continue to expand (such as Snapshot integration) there’s more and more reason to start thinking about where ViPR might fit into any sized datacenters where orchestration and integration with tools from VMware make sense.  Take some time to grow your ViPR skills by downloading it yourself at:



4.    Blog Post:  Windows File Server or EMC File Services?

A long, but worthwhile read – a great write-up concerning Windows native file services compared to the EMC file offerings.  If you have a Microsoft practice within your team, I’d ask you to get your teammate’s point of view about this blog and even post a reply back in the comments section.  Take a look under the Everything Microsoft section of ECN or go there directly:



5.    Isilon Sizing and Positioning

One of EMC’s most capable NAS specialists delivered training last week to the Commercial core SE team in Denver including a number of partner SEs and I’ve attached the presentation he created.  Of particular interest are slides 4-15 which show the sizing thought process with the remainder of the presentation highlighting common use cases, solution benefits, and some of the newer Isilon features.


As always, if you have a complex Isilon project, engage your local NAS specialist.  If you don’t know who they are ASK ME and I’ll get you connected!



6.    Tool Update:  VNX Pool Sizer (now supporting VNXe!)

If you haven’t been out to the Tool Shed* lately, you don’t have the latest & greatest version of the VNX Pool Sizer tool.  I have attached it here but going forward expect updates to come online.  If you need help using the Pool Sizer please let me know.  Also expect to see a video posted on EduTube shortly featuring yours truly as the featured speaker!


* What is the Tool Shed?  This is where EMC has consolidated all our partner tool resources, accessible through the Partner Portal via the “Delivery Tools” tile