May 2014 Everything Oracle @ EMC Monthly Newsletter: Post-EMC World Edition!

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Oracle Virtualization Best Practices!

MayNL1.pngThis white paper describes best practices for virtualizing Oracle databases using EMC and VMware solutions. A board range of topics are covered to provide the reader with guidelines to use in virtualizing Oracle and enhance their current virtualized infrastructure.
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Moving Oracle to the Cloud

MayNL2.pngThis white paper discusses the advantages and challenges of moving Oracle databases to the cloud, describing the storage and converged infrastructure features and functions that are most critical to DBAs and infrastructure managers.
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Millions of IOPS in Flash!

MayNL3.pngThe enormous volume of data stored by business is growing exponentially, increasing system workloads and creating new challenges for IT organizations.  At the same time, the demand for great I/O performance driven by such things as new applications, virtualization, the cloud and an explosive growth in web ‘consumerization’ has created a challenge for many companies.
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EMC World REDEFINED: Experience It Online!

MayNL4.pngEMC World 2014, our largest and most important customer event of the year, begins on Monday with a record number of customer and partner attendees. This year’s theme is REDEFINE—which speaks to how cloud, big data, social, and mobile technologies are redefining the way businesses interact with their customers, how they are redefining their business models, redefining how IT works, and redefining the role of IT professionals.

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Soooo, What's a "Converged Infrastructure" Exactly?

MayNL5.pngI have been looking at a lot of stuff relating to the notion of a converged infrastructure. The essential idea is this: The legacy platform, i.e. a single-image, physically booted server, typically attached to a SAN, is hopelessly outdated. This design is essentially 30 years old, and does not take into account many interesting recent technology changes.
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Foundation of the storage based backup related to the Database – Part 2

MayNL6.pngFrom my previous blog, we have understood the features and the benefits of storage based backup. Will not we now learn about some important points while using ASM? This time I would like to write an ASM related blog which is in continuation to my previous post Foundation of the storage based backup related to the Database.

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Data Domain with DD Boost makes Oracle backups more Fast and Efficient


EMC Data Domain storage systems are traditionally used for disk backup, archiving, and disaster recovery. An EMC Data Domain system can also be used for online storage with additional features and benefits. A Data Domain system can connect to your network via Ethernet or Fibre Channel connections.

Data Domain systems use low-cost Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) disk drives and implement a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) 6 in the software.

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Oracle, VMware and sub-server partitioning

MayNL8.pngDuring EMC World a discussion came up on Twitter around Oracle licensing and whether Oracle would support CPU affinity as a way to license subsets of a physical server these days.

@sam_lucido @EMCOracle @CacheFlush is #VMware and accepted hypervisor for #oracle hard partitioning these days? thought they weren't —Andre karlsson (@karlsson_andre) May 07, 2014


Unfortunately, the answer is NO (that is, if you run any other hypervisor than Oracle’s own Oracle VM).

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EMC IT's Database-as-a-Service

MayNL9.pngThis white paper shows EMC IT’s journey to an enterprise hybrid cloud.  EMC IT developed its Enterprise Cloud Automation Lifecycle Management (eCALM) platform which delivers automation, IT-as-a-Service for IT administrators and Database-as-a-Service for Database administrators. See how EMC IT database deployments for their database technologies - Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL in their cloud-enabled data center went from a 2-4 week deployment timeframe to less than 1 hour.
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Best Practices for Oracle Backup with Data Domain – Part II

MayNL10.pngIn my previous blog Part I, I introduced ‘Benefits of using a Data Domain system as a target for Oracle RMAN’ and some ‘General best practices for Oracle database’ with Data Domain.  In this Part II, I will continue with: Best practices for Oracle RMAN with Data Domain deduplication storage


Using a Data Domain system as a target for RMAN backups is relatively straightforward since the system appears as normal disk storage.  However, planning for capacity, network throughput, replication bandwidth, recover operations and so on is required to ensure that the entire system fulfills the requirements for backup windows, recovery time objectives, desired retention, and support for disaster recover.

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Best Practices for Virtualizing Your Oracle Database – Datastores

MayNL11.pngDarryl B. Smith with EMC IT recently published a great new blog post called Best Practices for Virtualizing Your Oracle Database – Datastores, which is part 4 of a series. Here is an excerpt: In my last post, Best Practices For Virtualizing Your Oracle Database With VMware, the best practices were all about the virtual machine itself. This post will focus on VMware’s virtual storage layer, called a datastore.  A datastore is storage mapped to the physical ESX servers that a VM’s luns, or disks, are provisioned onto. This is a critical component of any virtual database deployment as it is where the database files reside.  It is also a silent killer of performance because there are no metrics that will tell you that you have a problem, just unexplained high IO latencies.

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EMC Proven Solution H12117: EMC XtremIO High Performance Consolidation Solution for Oracle

XtremIO.jpgThis white paper describes the performance and operational advantages of a virtualized Oracle Database with VMware vSphere deployed on an EMC XtremIO all-flash array, and describes how the solution enhances consolidation and virtualization of Oracle Database environments..
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EMC World 2014 - Moments (part 2)

MayNL3.pngThis is a follow-up to my recent blog post EMC World 2014 - Moments (part 1), showing photos of my journey from Frankfurt in Germany to EMC World 2014 in Las Vegas, discovering the conference theme of REDEFINE, then finding my way to the EMC Oracle Booth. Part 1 rounded off with photos of the extraordinary start to the first keynote with Jonathan Martin kicking off the event playing guitar, it was then followed by Joe Tucci and David Goulden introducing EMC World 2014 and taking us through many announcements, including the DSSD acquisition, the XtremIO in-line data services $1M challenge and announcing EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS, formerly Project Nile).
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