xPresso Product Activation

Effective immediately, the "xPresso Product Activation" page (http://www.docscience.com/xpressoregister3) for self-provisioning of software license keys is no longer in service.  This change only affects xPresso for Word, xPresso for Adobe InDesign, and xPresso for Adobe Dreamweaver users. If you are not using any of the xPresso design tools, you may disregard this notice.


The xPresso installation process remains the same as described in the "xPression Installation Guide".  During installation, you will still need to enter the "Serial Number" (provided with your software) after which a "Request Code" will be generated for you. Record this Request Code. Subsequently, when prompted for the "License Key", simply click "Next".


To receive your License Key, please send an e-mail to EMC Licensing at licensing@emc.com with a subject line of "xPresso Activation Request" and include your company name, user(s) first and last name(s), user(s) phone number(s), user(s) email(s), the xPresso product(s) being activated, and the software Request Code(s) obtained during the installation process.  (See example below.)


Company: Concordant Insurance

User First NameUser Last NameUser Phone NumberUser E-mailxPresso ProductRequest Code
JohnDoe800-555-5555cust@company.comxPresso for Word33b6bd9a2e3a4c80b5a03a578f03dc35f07411568b461e66154af36c271dfa38
JohnDoe800-555-5555cust@company.comxPresso for InDesign33b6bd9a2e3a4c80b5a03a578f03dc35f07411568b461e66154af36c271dfa38


EMC Licensing will deliver software License Keys for each Request Code within 2 Business days of e-mail receipt.


Upon receipt, apply the provided License Key into the "Register" dialog box "License Key" field within your xPresso product. Please note that each Request Code and License Key is machine specific.


If you have any questions regarding the installation process or this change, please refer to your "xPression Installation Guide" or contact EMC Support (support@emc.com).