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Over the last ten years, EMC IT has completed the first two cloud enabling phases, Standardize and Virtualize of their cloud journey.

Phase 1 Standardize – EMC IT migrated from a legacy platform (SUN) to an x86 platform, VCE’s Vblock converged infrastructure platform.


Phase 2 Virtualize – EMC IT virtualized  all applications, including mission-critical applications and databases, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, in-memory and columnar store databases using VMware vSphere technologies.


Phase 3 – Automate - EMC IT automated the virtual infrastructure and all IT and database operations in the data center to create a “Database as-a-Service” (DBaaS) framework.

The EMC IT Database-as-a-Service white paper illustrates the EMC IT's  Automate phase - EMC IT’s new IT-as-a-Service framework is the transformation of the process with EMC and VMware enabling technology on the current EMC IT platform.

The white paper illustrates how EMC IT designed its IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) foundation that enables automation of IT platform operations that gives EMC IT the following, in their data center:

  • Full Automation  - All IT platform operations automated
  • More with Less - Deploy  VMs faster and with less effort on the existing infrastructure
  • Scalability – Dynamic/”Hot” provisioning of the virtual database server infrastructure components
  • Enforced Standardization  - Increases stability of the entire EMC IT database platform

The white paper shows how EMC IT created “As-a-Service” for IT administrators’ giving complete control over their platform operations.  For the Database administrators, it enables Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) giving the DBA:

  • Less than 1 hour delivery - Virtual databases delivered in less than 1 hour versus current delivery of 2-4 weeks for all data center database technologies – Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL in the data center
  • Localized Control – Empowering the IT administrator to manage the platform they are responsible for and to provide all the necessary metrics to allow them to be self-sufficient.  All through a “Consumer Style” self-service portal.
  • Operations
    • Day 1 – Deploy virtual databases like Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL in less than 1 hour
    • Day 2 Life of the database instance – Scale services to meet the needs of the business or application as needed
    • Day 3 – Provide the platform for migrating EMC current data centers to the Software Defined Data Center

You can view the demo here:  EMC IT’s eCALM Demo - IT-as-a-Service / Database-as-a-Service