EMC Forum 2014 - RAMP achievement

EMC Forum 2014 RAMP graphic.png


EMC Forum events are coming to over 50 cities across the world this year! We want to stay in touch with you all-year round here on the EMC Community Network.

To make participating even more fun, we offer the Recognition, Award and Motivation Program (RAMP) on the ECN and we have created an achievement especially for EMC Forum.


The Prerequisites

The EMC Forum 2014 achievement is open to members of the ECN. New members will receive a one-time 100 point bonus, and the first Frequent Visitor badge upon registration.



Log in and visit the EMC Forum community to see what the event series is all about and engage with your peers. Complete one of the following tasks to earn the EMC Forum 2014 badge and a 100 point bonus:



      • Follow the EMC Forum community space,
      • Share the community with your peers, or
      • Discuss the EMC Forums with other community members.


The EMC Forum 2014 achievement commences at 10 AM ET on Monday, May 12th 2014 and will continue until 6 PM ET on Monday, December 1st 2014. During that time, you will be able to collect your rewards.


Reap Your Rewards

Attaining the exclusive “EMC Forum 2014” badge for your profile increases your status in the community and 100 point participation bonus will be added to your overall total. You can review your progress and badges on the RAMP Leaderboard or your personal ECN profile.