ViPR Pre Check App

This app helps checking versions of ViPR supported arrays and switches. It verifies the versions against compatibility matrix guide.
Before adding resources to ViPR they can be pre-checked with this app if they are supported.
Note: Supported for ViPR version:

How this app works



Python on Windows

Python on SuSE 11.2


  • Copy the attached ViPR-PreCheck.tar.gz file to any environment (windows/linux) that supports python and dependency modules.
  • Unzip the file using "tar -zxvf"
  • Move inside the extracted folder - 'cd ViPR-PreCheck' - then run the following command




# python


  1. SMI-S Provider
  2. VPLEX
  3. Recoverpoint
  4. Isilon
  5. VNX File
  6. NetApp
  7. Cisco
  8. Brocade


Enter comma separated options to be restored(or 'a' for all):

  • Allows user to validate specific resources.



  • python
  • python module - paramiko
  • python module - pywbem