EMC Isilon InsightIQ User Guide

InsightIQ enables you to monitor and analyze the performance and file systems of Isilon


With InsightIQ, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Determine whether a cluster is performing optimally.
  • Compare changes in performance across multiple metrics, such as CPU usage, network traffic, protocol operations, and client activity.
  • Correlate critical cluster events with performance changes.
  • Determine the effect of workflows, software, and systems on cluster performance over time.
  • View and compare properties of the data on the file system.

InsightIQ enables you to monitor and analyze Isilon cluster activity through flexible,

customizable reports in the InsightIQ web-based application; you can customize these

reports to provide detailed information about cluster hardware, software, and protocol

operations. InsightIQ transforms data into visual information that emphasizes any

performance outliers, enabling you to quickly and easily diagnose bottlenecks or

optimize workflows.