EMC Hadoop Starter Kit (HSK) - ViPR Edition

Step By Step Guide To Quickly And Easily Deploy Hadoop

This guide will enable customers to quickly and easily deploy Hadoop utilizing software defined storage from EMC ViPR, enabling organizations to leverage existing investments in storage platforms/infrastructures for Big Data analytics.  This guide is intended to provide a methodology for customers interesting in deploying any of the three most popular Hadoop distributions (Pivotal, Cloudera, Hortonworks) using EMC ViPR HDFS Data Services with EMC file storage solutions (Isilon, VNX).


Example use cases:

  • Instantly deploy a Big Data repository - Utilize existing enterprise storage capacity as "Data Lakes" on top of which to quickly enable analytics
  • Leverage and extend existing investments - Large volumes of unstructured data already living in Isilon, VNX or Netapp arrays that can be now exploited through Hadoop programs thus reducing the growth in dedicated analytics infrastructure.
  • Support for multiple protocols/mixed workloads - ViPR will enable dual mode access to the data under its management, enabling object based workloads and analytics applications to manipulate the same data. Since ViPR provides S3, Swift and Atmos APIs interface support as well as HDFS API access, it eliminates the need to to have multiple copies of the same data for different types of applications.
  • Move off of an expensive public cloud provider -  easily provide Hadoop as a service to meet business objectives for the enterprise.

Download the HSK - ViPR Edition guide now for your Hadoop distribution of choice: