Everything Oracle @ EMCWorld 2014 Post-Show Summary



Everything Oracle @ EMC World

Your one-stop shop for everything Oracle at EMC World 2014

EMC World is a wrap! Once again we held an epic show at the Venetian in viva Las Vegas, – one that your grandchildren’s children will be talking about. It’s was THAT cool.

“Sure..” you’re saying… “Another IT tradeshow in Vegas [yawn] – been there done that”.  OH NO  - not like this you haven’t. Maybe you haven’t looked up from your datastore in the last 5 years but there’s a major transformation going on.  Enterprises are redefining the way they do business – including yours.  So don’t miss out on how to redefine your data center with EMC’s industry-leading solutions for Oracle environments.

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Whether it’s our multitude of breakout sessions, the Oracle kiosk at the Global Solutions booth, or some of our killer demos in the vLabs, you weren't be able to take a step at EMC World without bumping into our content.  There were lots of activities related to Oracle Solutions going on throughout the week so make sure to check out below for Everything @EMCOracle at EMCWorld 2014!

EMC Global Solutions Booth

At the Global Solutions booth we showcased the latest EMC technology solutions and how you can REDEFINE your IT and Business operations.  Our experts spoke about a variety of topics such as:

  • Big Data
  • Cloud
  • File
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle!!!!
  • SAP 

Oracle Kiosk

The Oracle kiosk was one of the coolest features of our booth! We had lots to share – demos, electronic white boarding, or just some good, old-fashioned PPTs.

Looking for better Oracle performance?  We showed you how leveraging flash and storage tiering with EMC infrastructure can drive millions of Oracle IOPs both in OLTP and DW workloads.

Having issues with your Oracle availability SLAs?  Our EMC VPLEX & RecoverPoint for Oracle RAC demo was available throughout the event

Oracle Participates in EMC World 2014!

Yes, Oracle paticipated in the show! Oracle presented two technical sessions, as well as theater presentations, a customer meeting room, and more. See this page for more information.

Oracle Related Sessions

we held a bunch of ridiculously awesome sessions at EMC World this year.

Get Engaged NOW!

Yeah, EMC World’s over, but that doesn't mean you can’t get involved now.  Get engaged across social media!  In addition to following the @EMCWorld2014 account, make sure to check out both the @EMCCloud and @EMCOracle accounts for updates on what will be happening at the event. Plus, those who couldn't make it physically to EMC World shouldn't feel left out.  We’ll blogged on our Everything Oracle ECN community from the event so make sure to check out the site to partake in all the discussions around Oracle Converged infrastructure, Virtualized Oracle Application environments, Complete Oracle Data Protection, and Optimizing Oracle Performance.



EMC and Oracle have enjoyed a strong partnership for almost twenty years, supporting over 80,000 joint customers globally.  The last few years EMC has ROCKED IT with our Oracle solutions at events such as VMWorld, Oracle OpenWorld and – of course— EMC World!!! Perhaps you’ve been before, but this year’s EMC World was our best show yet, and next year we’ll again have the latest and greatest Oracle solutions content there, so don’t miss out!  We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas next year!