EMC Enterprise Private Cloud: Self-Service Data Protection

The EMC Enterprise Private Cloud makes it easy to manage your backups in ways that both infrastructure administrators and application owners have never been able to do before.


From a simple self-service portal, end users can select the backup policies that meet their needs. They can generate and view their own reports on the status of their backups, and they can even go so far as to perform their own image-level restores.


For the cloud administrator, it's never been easier to create new backup policies for end users. From the same self-service portal, cloud administrators can view and manage existing backups and delete existing policies that are no longer needed.

Finally, since backup policies are automatically assigned and enforced when the VM is provisioned, backup management is now not only simple, it's also error free.

In this demo video, you'll see:

  1. How a cloud admin can create a new backup policy
  2. How to use that new backup policy immediately when deploying a new VM
  3. How to report on the status and details of previous backups
  4. How to perform an On Demand Backup of a VM
  5. How to perform an On Demand Restore of a VM


Note: For best results, set the video resolution to 720p and play it in full-screen mode.