EMC Storage Integrator v 3.1 for Windows Suite Product Release

EMC Storage Integrator v 3.1 for Windows Suite is now available!

New Product Feature Summary

This release adds support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), Windows Server 2012 R2, the latest software updates to the VNX series, and the VHDX virtual hard disk format.


Product Overview

EMC Storage Integrator (ESI) for Windows Suite is a set of tools for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft applications administrators. ESI for Windows provides the ability to view, provision, and manage block and file storage for Microsoft Windows, Exchange, and SharePoint sites. ESI supports the EMC Symmetrix® VMAX® series, EMC VNX® series, EMC VNXe® series, and EMC CLARiiON® CX® fourth generation (CX4) series of storage systems. ESI requires that you install the applicable adapter for your specific storage systems. The ESI suite includes the following components:

·         ESI for Windows and ESI PowerShell Toolkit

·         ESI hypervisor support

·         ESI Service and ESI Service PowerShell Toolkit

·         ESI Exchange Integration

·         ESI RecoverPoint® Adapter

·         ESI SharePoint Adapter

·         ESI SCOM Management Packs

·         ESI SCO Integration Pack

·         EMC Hyper-V VSS Requestor


The following sections briefly describe each of these components. Refer to the EMC Storage Integrator for Windows Suite Version 3.0.1 Release Notes (P/N 300-012-821) for detailed descriptions.

ESI for Windows and ESI PowerShell Toolkit: ESI for Windows has a GUI that is based on Microsoft Management Console (MMC). You can run ESI as a stand-alone tool or as part of an MMC snap-in on a Windows computer. The ESI PowerShell Toolkit provides ESI storage provisioning and discovery capabilities with corresponding PowerShell cmdlets.

ESI Hypervisor Support: In addition to supporting physical environments, ESI supports storage provisioning and discovery for Windows virtual machines that are running on Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, VMware vSphere, and VMware vCenter.

ESI Service and ESI Service PowerShell Toolkit: ESI Service is the communications link between ESI and the ESI Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Management Packs. You can use ESI Service to view and report on registered EMC storage systems and storage system components that are connected to the ESI host system. ESI Service then pushes this data to SCOM. You can also use the ESI Service as a stand-alone tool without SCOM to collect, view, and report this same system data.

ESI Exchange Integration: ESI Exchange Integration enables you to integrate Microsoft Exchange with supported EMC storage systems. This integration combines the ESI Microsoft Exchange Adapter, the ESI Exchange High Availability (HA) Extension, the ESI Exchange SCOM Management Packs, and the Exchange cmdlets in the ESI PowerShell Toolkit.

ESI RecoverPoint Adapter: You can use the ESI RecoverPoint Adapter for local and remote data protection. If a disaster occurs, EMC RecoverPoint can recover lost data from any point in time that you select. The EMC RecoverPoint Release Notes document available on the RecoverPoint product page of the EMC Online Support site (https://support.emc.com) provides more details about EMC RecoverPoint/SE and EMC RecoverPoint/EX.

ESI SharePoint Adapter: The ESI SharePoint Adapter enables you to navigate Microsoft SharePoint farms to create, provision, and manage storage. You can enumerate databases in SharePoint farms and map them to the underlying storage resources. Then, you can use the provisioning wizard to prepare a LUN and provision new content databases or web applications.

ESI SCOM Management Packs: The ESI SCOM Management Packs for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager enable you to manage EMC storage systems with SCOM by providing consolidated and simplified dashboard views of storage entities.

ESI SCO Integration Pack: Microsoft System Center 2012 Orchestrator is a workflow management system that defines, creates, and manages workflows. The ESI System Center Orchestrator (SCO) Integration Pack provides workflow automation for ESI storage provisioning tasks. Using the ESI SCO Integration Pack, you can manage and provision storage for interoperable storage management and process consistency across a data center. This integration pack supports the same EMC block storage systems that are supported with ESI for Windows.

EMC Hyper-V VSS Requestor: EMC Hyper-V VSS Requestor is a backup utility that processes VSS requests to create point-in-time copies (shadow copies) of Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines for the VMAX and VNX series of storage systems. EMC Hyper-V VSS Requestor Release Notes provides more information about this utility.


Warranty and Maintenance Information

The latest warranty and maintenance terms are published on EMC.com. Click this link: SW Warranty:

Software Products

Customers must purchase a “day one” maintenance contract to gain access to support and the rights to new versions of software.

Table 1.            Software Warranty Information

Product Name


Customer Services Contract(1)

Service Level


Service Level

EMC Storage Integrator for Windows Suite

Software - Media Defects

90 Days

Not Available


Service Milestones

Customers are encouraged to upgrade to the most recent supported version prior to the End of Primary Support date of their current version, or contract  for Extended Support if available.



Table 2.            Product Support Dates

ESI for Windows Suite

GA Date


Extended Support

1st Yr Ends

Extended Support

2nd Yr Ends

V 1.2





V 1.3





V 2.0





V 2.1





V 3.0





V 3.0.1





V 3.1






End of Primary Support (EOPS) indicates the date after which standard EMC technical support is no longer available.  Customers interested in uninterrupted support must upgrade to a current release or purchase Extended Support (where available). For more information about Extended Support, see


If Extended Support is not available or purchased, End of Service Life (EOSL) occurs at the announced End of Primary Support (EOPS) date. If Extended Support is available and purchased by a customer, End of Service Life occurs at the end of the Extended Support period.

Extended Support coverage is an annual agreement that is available for an additional fee in six-month increments up to a maximum period of two years. First Year Extended Support extends product support for up to one year beyond the published end-of-support date. Customers receive all the benefits provided by their existing support agreement for all Sev-1 cases, including hot fixes to product defects if necessary. However, for all other Severity Level service requests, EMC provides support only on a reasonable effort basis and hot fixes are not included. The Second Year Extended Support extends product support the same as the first year; however, hot fixes are not included.

Additional Product End of Service Life and Extended Support information can be found on https://support.emc.com/products.  Choose your product, and then scroll down to the “Service Life” section in the left banner.

EMC PS Services Highlights

EMC Storage Integrator for Windows Suite is a freely available, customer installable plugin for Microsoft’s System Center Environment.  No Professional Services Offerings are available.


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For more detailed information about how this product is supported, including any changes related to this release; refer to Product Support Bulletin (PSB).

·         EMC® Employees may access the PSB from the GS Intranet site located here: http://www.cs.isus.emc.com/csweb2/psb.htm

·         EMC Business Partners that are in the Partner Services program may access the PSB on the Service Partner Web as well.

·         EMC Employees and EMC Business Partners that are in the Partner Services program may access the PSB from the EMC Online Support web site at:


Select Content Type of “Product Support Bulletin” to access the PSB for this release.


Training and Skills Management System Readiness

Course Title: EMC Storage Integrator (ESI) v3.1 for Windows Suite Technical Differences Recorded Knowledge Transfer

Description: This session, sponsored by Partner Integration Engineering, will provide an overview of the new enhancements, features and functionality in EMC Storage Integrator (ESI) v3.1 for Windows Suite.

Target Audience: This session is intended for Global Services professionals and EMC partners, who install, implement or support EMC Storage Integrator (ESI) v3.1 for Windows Suite.

Delivery Type: eLearning

Duration: 15 minutes

Registration:  https://education.emc.com/index_login.htm?id=713343230



Skills Management System

After training, technical staff must submit an incremental skills assessment including a comment to record the product version for which they are trained and also to indicate any change in proficiency. Click here to start: EMC Skills Management. Refer to the Product Support Bulletin for product skill details.



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