VSPEX Reference Architecture Support Page

At EMC we understand how fast business moves and the subsequent costs associated with any outages or downtime. VSPEX Proven Infrastructures have been sized and rigorously tested to meet the performance requirements defined as Reference Architectures so that you can deploy in confidence. VSPEX are also highly flexible, meaning customers are free to choose the hypervisor, servers, and networking they prefer when building out a VSPEX. In fact, customers can also repurpose existing hardware that can suitably fulfill the requirements of the Reference Architecture.

VSPEX combines technology products from best in class vendors that work together in harmony to transform the sum of their physical parts to provide dynamic and highly agile virtual solutions.
If however something does become an issue in your VSPEX, you can be sure that the right support team is on hand to assist you and will work diligently to resolve any IT issues you may have with your Proven Infrastructure. EMC's team of Reference Architecture Engineers have been specially trained to handle support calls identified as being VSPEX related.

The way VSPEX support works is simple: just call EMC. Mention you have a VSPEX solution at the start of the support engagement, and you will be routed to a specially trained VSPEX support team. From there, EMC will own the entire support process - leveraging EMC product experts when necessary, and taking advantage of the Cooperative Support Agreements we have with every vendor in the VSPEX ecosystem.

To find out more, see the VSPEX support FAQ below