How do you define the report metrics using a filter

A filter narrows the scope of data to display in a report. You can edit the filter expressions created by the Filter Wizard or build your own expressions.



  • 1. In Edit mode, click the Filtering & Expansion tab.
  • 2. In Filter, click Everything > Refine > using a wizard.The Filter Wizard helps you build a filter to narrow the scope of data to display. The

          wizard can help you build complex filters that use logical operators.

  • 3. Type the name of a property.

           For example, typing device causes the Filter Wizard to display a list of known devices based on the data stored in the database.

  • 4. Select a property value.Each property has a value. For example, the value of the device property is the device name.
  • 5. In Use the filter of this node for, specify how to use the filter.
  • 6. In Display Policy, select how you want to display nodes.
  • 7. Click Save.