Information about the Report Workflow in SRM Suite

  • In Edit mode, you can create new reports, edit existing reports, and customize the report tree. Changes that you make in Edit mode are saved and available to all users.


          There are two basic approaches to creating new reports.

          You can copy an existing report to use as the basis for the new report or you  can create a new report from scratch. Either way, the           workflow for creating reports is as follows:


    • 1. Using the Filtering and Expansion tab, select the metrics to display in the report.Since the database may contain thousands of metrics, you must use filtering and expansion to narrow the metrics to display in a report.

    • 2. Using the Report Configuration tab, set the type of report you want, such as a table or graph, and specify the time period and aggregation to use in a report.

    • 3. Depending on the report type selected, the Report Details: <Report Type> tab appears where you set the parameters for presenting information in the report.


    • 4. Using the Formula tab, you can apply formulas to any node of the tree to perform advanced computations on any number of values.