Blog Posts from the SAP Experts at EMC


Blogs from the Community of SAP Experts at EMC


Axel Streichardt.jpgAxel Streichardt

Director, SAP Global Solutions,

EMC Global Solutions Marketing

Andy Sitison.jpg

Andy Sitison

Senior Director & General Manager, SAP Business Unit, EMC Global Solutions Marketing

Henrik Wagner.jpg

Henrik Wagner

Americas Theater Lead - SAP

Christoph Streubert.jpg

Christoph Streubert

Global Principal SAP Infrastructure Strategist, SAP Business Unit, EMC Global Solutions Marketing

Antonio Freitas.jpg

António Freitas

Senior SAP Solutions Architect, EMC Global Solutions Marketing

Achim Stohr.jpg

Achim Stohr

Principal SAP Solutions Architect,

EMC SAP Technology Alliance

Norbert Guenther.jpg

Norbert Guenther

EMC SAP Advisory Consultant, EMEA


Michael Harding.jpg

Michael Harding

Lead SAP Technical Architect, EMC IT


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